Top 10 Must Have Accessories for Burning Man 2019

| August 10, 2018


For over 30 years, Burning Man has continued to be a participatory event that influences how we would like to see the world change around us. But it’s not just a normal festival, between the hot, dusty days and the chilled, dark nights, extra preparation is needed to endure this ten day event.

iEDM is here to make sure you the right accessories for this life-changing adventure.


1. Hydration Pack


First and foremost, if you are going to be partying in a desert, hydrate or die! The best way you can ensure a fun week is by getting as much water in your system as possible. Remember to look around for anyone who looks like they might need a sip. You might just save someone’s night.



2. Sunglasses


With very little foliage for shade, be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses for your trip. That desert sun is no joke. Bringing an extra few pairs may be a good call.



3. Goggles


Now if sunglasses just aren’t cutting it when it comes to the dust, goggles might be for you. Protect your eyes during those dust storms while also looking stylish. Be sure to check out our kaleidoscopic pairs to enhance your extraordinary experience.



4. Bandana


While we are on the topic of dust, make sure to protect your lungs! You will not regret having a bandana on hand to filtrate the air you breath. iEDM had a large selection of colorful bandanas to pick from. Grab a few extras for friends who may have forgotten to bring one.



5. Seamless Bandana


Another option may be our seamless bandanas. They go right around your neck without needing to be tied. You’ll never have to worry about losing it!



6. Poi



As the sunsets, the Playa will continue to be lit up. From fire installations and LED infused art cars, you will be dazzled. Join the fun and bring some LED Poi. Express yourself with this ancient art brought to life with the technology of LED lighting.



7. Space Whip


If Poi just isn’t you thing, try out our LED Space Whip. This LED toy is for all levels of Flow Artists. Ignite your inner star child with this brilliant accessory.



8. Fanny Pack


By the end of the night, or possibly the beginning of the next morning, you may get tired of lugging around a backpack. Keep it simple by bringing a fanny pack for those lightweight strolls across the Playa.



9. Kaleidoscope Glasses


These might not be as important as your sunglasses but they will surely alter your perspective in a positive way. Remember to look at life a little differently from time to time and be sure to make some new friends by letting them take them for a ride.



10. Blanket


It can be easy to forget that your day in the desert can drop significantly in temperature. From 100 degrees to 50 or lower, remember to pack some warm clothes and a blanket. Bring your blanket out for a night or two on the dance floor, I am sure it will appreciate it.


Make sure you come prepared for this ten day event! Find all the outfits and accessories you will need for BURNING MAN HERE. Hope to see you on the Playa!


about the writer


Read More...Corinne is a Denver-based visual artists and writer.

She grew up in Chicago and then received her BA in Studio Art at University of Minnesota- Twin Cities before making her way to Colorado.

Her first festival was Electric Forest which inspired her to pursue a creative life. She began participating with the Bassnectar team and shortly after starting working behind the scenes of a multitude of music and art events.

You can find her running around Denver getting involved in all things art and music.

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