Top 10 Outfits For Burning Man

| August 18, 2018

We all know of Burning Man. A diverse band of dreamers, makers and artists gather every summer in a sprawling temporary city in the fierce heat of the Nevada desert. Embracing an alternative ethos, over 50,000 attendees come together to experience mind-blowing art projects and live in a self-reliant communal setting. Inspired by the burning of a wooden figure on a San Francisco beach in 1986, today this eclectic festival has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

The festival is known for its amazing art, interesting workshops, and a great community. It centers around a post-apocalyptic, Mad Maxesque aesthetic. I’m a strong believer of adding to the vibe, so here are a few pieces to add to your Burning Man outfit. From bandana’s to goggles to accessories,  we’ve got you covered, literally.


1. Owl Rave Bra


Owls are classics at music festivals, so if you want to keep your outfit stress free and simple, a rave bra is the way to go.The colorful print is guaranteed to melt some faces off, just a warning.



2. Barbed Wire Scrunch Back Shorts


The best part of these is that you can wear them with another top or you can get the matching top. While its a simple outfit, it’s the perfect base outfit for customizations and accessorizing.



3. Watch Over Me Men’s Tank



No sleeves needed for this awesome All Over Print Tank Top! This tank is made with 100% Premium Poly Fabric and hand-finished to ensure your graphic is aligned, complete, and totally brilliant. 



4. The Messenger Men’s Tank


“Are you guys seeing these eyes or am I just tripping?” See how many people you can get to stare at your chest.



5. Ancient Mew Tank Top



New festival game, while wearing this, go up to anyone with Pokemon attire or accessory and tell them you also love Yu-Gi-Oh or Digimon.



6. Brass Spike Diffraction Goggles


We featured this on our 10 Goggles Must Have for Festival season! The Brass accents will add that rusty aesthetic to any Burning Man outfit.



7. Barbed Wire Web Back Top



You honestly can wear this with any outfit. The best part of these is that you can wear them with another top or you can get the matching shorts, like we mentioned above.



8. Void Vibes Seamless Bandana Mask




I cannot stress how important bandanas are at Burning Man. The festival is dusty and windy, the worse combination. So if you want to breathe and keep your sinuses somewhat clear, grab a bandana!



9. Wolf High Cut Swim Suit



If you don't want to deal with the hassle of finding a full outfit, grab one of our one pieces and be on your way.



10. Clear Holographic Hydration Backpack



An obvious essential to any festival outfit is the hydration pack. With our holographic pack, you can create magic while stay hydrated.


La Playa is a place for artistic expression, so dress and be whatever you want! Visit the specially curated Burning Man Collection HERE for outfit inspirations. 

Check out 10 must have accessories Burning Man HERE.


Not heading to Burning Man? Check out our list of music festivals for this season HERE.



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Mai Ho-Nguyen

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