Top 5 Craziest Live Shows in EDM Right Now

| October 22, 2016

Sometimes you'll find at various EDM shows things that are just out of the world, which have you checking to see what dimension you're in. Whatever you want to call it, these shows are turnt, and get you feeling the grooves all night. 

These producers and DJs know the art of throwing a party. They aren't just behind the stage to yell put your hands up a million times or do a little dance behind the decks. 

No, each one of these DJs have something that is unique that gets them to ready to throw some of the wildest and best parties in the scene. 

5.Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is an incredibly hard working DJ. He tours like a mad man and has been to the majority of countries you could ever think of. If you've been to any one of his live shows, you know he spares no expense. 

He's got some of the most unique ways of getting the crowd involved and partying. Getting caked, meaning you just had a huge cake thrown at you from Steve Aoki himself is probably something everyone should try to experience. People throw up signs and love it. 

Not only does he do that, but he also is prone to popping champagne into the crowd and surfing through the mass of people and pool floats. He's a definite party animal you need to check out. 

4.Pretty Lights

A melodic and insane light show follows all Pretty Light shows. They have got some of the greatest lights you'll ever see at a show, perfectly synced to the mostly instrumental music. 

One of the great things about seeing them is that there is a benefit to going in the back of the show as you can see some wild lights bouncing up and down in the atmosphere or in a tent. 


Deadmau5 is a man of his craft and he puts on grooving synth music that everyone loves to hear. He is already a legend and when that Mau5 helmet comes on, people are losing their minds. 

Strobes paired with "Strobes" gets everyone excited. There's no need for mindless yelling over the DJ mic either. Deadmau5 knows you came for the music and he makes it show with his stellar performance art in front of the mass of crowds. 

2. Skrillex

The great thing about seeing Skrillex is his vast catalogue of music. He has so many great tunes since he's been around for a while. People go wild for Skrillex and when he puts on an already made classic, he gets the crowds going. 

People are feverish to see Skrillex in the flesh. If you're looking for a packed show to get wild in, then this is the place. 


A natural progression from Skrillex would have to be Excision as he is a close call to Skrillex's live show. It's like a perfect mixture of metal and dance to make for some raging Dubstep. The bass will basically blow your face off in the vicinity of throwing any Xs up. 

Crowds go wild for Excision with a backdrop of insane robotic visuals that will get you fired up to start a revolution of dance.


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