Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Dope Hoodies Everyone Wants For Christmas

| November 30, 2016

It is past the "I almost need a hoodie season." You are now right in the thick of oh my god it is freezing outside time. During these winter months from December to most likely March, with the occasional warm spurt in between, you need to stay warm! 

Here are some of the top five brand new hoodies ready to ship for the holidays. These are some of the dopest hoodies you can give as a gift for the holidays, or keep it for yourself and be grooving in style out and about and when you're chilling at home. 

5. Infinite Possibilities

There is no way better to bring in the new year than to do so with a look into the infinite beyond. During the holiday season, check out this classic Rick and Morty sweatshirt. If you're not familiar with the show, go to the internet now and binge away. This is a great gift for those loved ones or friends who watch the show.  

4. Stand Together 

It's just us against the world! Now for the holidays this would be a great gift for a couple. The Stand Together hoodie is a great gift for yourself or anyone else looking for a good vibe hoodie. 

3. Tree Space 

Emergent space lords from the grandiose trees comes the peak tree. This hoodie is also a zip up. It is unisex so be careful, this Tree Space hoodie will be stolen by all girlfriends.  Zip ups are great for those in the Fall and when Winter leaves us a warm day, throw this one on for size. 

2. Food Cat 

Two of the best things in the world are pizza and cats. The cheesy deliciousness of pizza combined with adorable cat cuteness. Get your cat on this holiday season with the Pizza Taco Cat hoodie. 

1. Mindful Space


Our final hoodie is one of another dimension. A mindful space of splendor and wonder with an eerie red moon. Spread your love for the night sky.

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