Top 10 Artists Around The World

| November 09, 2016

Our music is an international phenomenon and with that comes artists from all around the world. Just trying to pin down a certain amount of countries was a difficult thing to do. But we've taken into account some of the countries with the biggest dance scenes, and up and coming ones that are still waiting for their time to shine. 

These top artists in each respective country have been chosen for the amount of time they've put in, and what they've contributed to music. 

1. United States

Deadmau5 is a name that comes to mind when talking about United States artists. He has been around for a while and ushered in the new electronic craze in the early 2010s. His music is expertly produced and is one of the top acts still around. 

2. France

There is a lot to be said about French producers and DJs. This is without a doubt, one of the fundamental homes of dance music. Daft Punk is one of the premier artists out of this country and continue to produce amazing music with their latest collaboration and will stand the test of time in music. 

3. Germany 

Though he's been around in the United States dance scene for quite some time, we can thank Germany for giving us Zedd. He originally was born in Russia and learned to compose and produce music as he grew up in a small town in Germany. 

4. Italy

A producer and artist that has stood the test of time has to be Benny Benassi. Hailing from Italy, he brings that dynamite sound straight from the Italian peninsula to the rest of the world. 

5. Belgium

For such a small European country, it has produced a number of amazing acts throughout the dance scene. We'll group together the top acts that usually work together. Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike have produced a number of hits and continue to be a force in music. 

6. Japan

A lot of Japanese popular music takes the form of J-Pop. But in the meantime they've developed a thriving EDM scene throughout the country from Tokyo to the other main cities. A couple of great festivals also dot the island nation. Voted number one on the top Japan DJ list is Satoshi Tomiie. 

7. Switzerland 

Another multi-cultural DJ we can thank hails from Switzerland and we call him Luciano. He was instrumental in building up an underground EDM scene in none other than Chile in South America. He's been around for a while and continues to contribute through many remixes and albums. 

8. Australia 

Down under we've got some of the best experimental sounds pushing music forward. Flume hails from this continent and he has been a welcomed new sound to our ears. 

9. United Kingdom 

There have been countless of numbers of amazing artists who call the United Kingdom home. One great artist rising on the scene is Mura Masa. He takes an eastern style and applies it to his productions. He is an upcoming artist with a culture filled with raves and the advent of outdoor festivals. 

10. Netherlands 

Finally, we have a great country filled with all sorts of contributions to dance music. Dutch DJs have put out some incredible genres of music. Armin Van Buuren is one such artist who has changed the music landscape with his state of trance


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