The Top 5 Tours of Fall 2016

| November 02, 2016

We're coming to the tail end of the autumn months. So far, they've proven to be quite the adventure in terms of incredible music on the live scene.

A host of artists and other groups have come out with some incredible tours that have kept us dancing through the changing of the seasons. Here is a look at some of the top five tours of the fall. 

5. Adventure Club

Adventure Club knows how to throw down a party and have been doing so throughout the Fall months. The duo has been influenced by various major trance and dubstep artists and are famous for remixing hit songs into epic dance tunes. They've been pretty active on the scene and are continuing to impress and continue to explore with their music. 

4. Griz

Griz is only 25 years old and an artist from Detroit. He has created his sound from merging hip-hop and funk, particularly from his sexy saxophone tunes, and brought that to the EDM community. Through this unique mix of music, he's found a lot of success. 

An equally compelling tour has been in the works through a solo venture, and at multiple festivals with numerous collaborations. If you haven't heard of his unique sound or been to a Griz show, it is something you're not going to want to miss. 

3. The Chainsmokers 

The Chainsmokers have been around for quite some time as they exploded onto the scene with #Selfie.

They have recently become quite popular after their smash hit "Closer" with Halsey. They have a ton of hits that are just coming out and are a great live act to see. 

2. Porter Robinson & Madeon

These two have put on one of the best and unique shows throughout the majority of acts. By combining their two live acts into one and mixing songs, they've become quite the duo. 

It was amazing to see them live and it was also a unique experience as it was the first time they unleashed their collaborate hit song "Shelter" to the masses in a live setting. 

1. Zeds Dead 

Zeds Dead has taken the festival circuit and touring by storm. Their music embraces a lot of house elements with a dubstep mix. It's a great change of pace to see their live shows and insane visuals that accompany them. They've been around for quite some time and are gaining more prominence by the day with some smash hits and incredible influences. 

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