Valentino Khan Talks About His New Track "Gold" In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| December 04, 2017

There are some artists who have permanently changed the landscape of EDM through their music and Valentino Khan is one of them.

The LA based producer has collaborated with artists across the EDM spectrum and has produced tracks that have become absolute festival anthems. (We have all chanted 'deep down low, deep down low' at a show at one point or another in our lives). Valentino Khan recently teamed up with hip-hop legend Sean Paul on a cool new release called "Gold."

iEDM had the chance to chat with Valentino about his new track and tour with NGHTMRE. 

iEDM: Your new single 'Gold' is very different from your recent tracks. I got a trop/moombahton feel from it. What inspired you to go back to moombahton for 'Gold'? 

Valentino: I wanted to make a song that had a really cool vibe to it and a cool sound. I think working with an artist like Sean Paul, moombahton made complete sense and it was cool to revisit that sound. But I've grown as a producer since then so I wanted to revisit it and bring a fresh take to it. 

iEDM: You have a knack for making absolute bangers and timeless EDM anthems. 'Deep Down Low' and 'Pump' are two tracks that you'll hear in almost every set from artists all over the EDM spectrum. What was your creative process like when it came to making 'Gold'? 

Valentino: I scheduled with Sean Paul maybe about an hour before he came in and I made the beat and the basis of the beat and he came in and just laid down some incredible vocals. He did everything off the top of his head which is something that only a true artist could do. It came together fairly smoothly and it was a treat to work with an artist who already knows the direction and how they want their own vocals to sound. And to be able to work with that and navigate and put the best kind of music out for their voice. 



iEDM: Definitely! Sean Paul is one of those artists who is truly legendary in music, not just hip hop alone. Even if you're not into that music anyone in EDM (or out of it) would know him, so I think that's really great. 'Gold' is featured on the album companion soundtrack on Major Lazer's forthcoming documentary, how did this come about? 

Valentino: I think the Major Lazer team and Diplo just heard it and you know, they all loved the song and at the same time they had the documentary coming out and they thought it would be a really good fit for it to be part of the soundtrack. I think having Sean Paul be from that general area of the world definitely helps as well it all worked together. 

iEDM: That's really awesome. You have a talent for collaborating and getting your tracks up and out so congratulations on that! You're midway through touring with NGHTMRE on his NGHTMRE Before Christmas Tour (so sad I'm missing the New York show!) What have been some of the best parts of the tour for you so far? 

Valentino:The best parts of the tour have been revisiting cities I’ve played in before, and seeing fan reactions in those places. I think that’s been one of the coolest parts for me honestly, there’s been such a good vibe



iEDM: I agree. NGHTMRE definitely brings good vibes and I hope I can catch some of those sets on Soundcloud or somewhere! Finally, any new music or surprises coming out for fans? 

Valentino: Um, I'm trying to think of what I can actually announce. 

iEDM: Oops (not trying to get anyone in trouble!) 

Valentino: There's a bunch of stuff but it's all 2018 stuff that I can't announce yet. But we're putting out the music video for Gold which was shot in Jamaica with me and Sean Paul. Apart from that, I've been working on a bunch of new singles that I'm currently wrapping up and will be shelling all those out in 2018. 

iEDM: Awesome thanks so much for your time, looking forward to 2018 and good luck with the rest of the tour! 

Thanks Valentino for taking the time to chat with us. It was such a privilege to talk to such a great producer and huge influence in EDM. 'Gold' is an awesome track and we can't wait to see what you have planned for 2018!

Check out Valentino's SoundCloud and Facebook for up-to-date information on his new music and forthcoming tour information! 

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