Ways To Make Your Schedule At A Festival

| August 29, 2016

While most of the time we buy our tickets to festivals months in advance, as soon as that lineup drops we all rush to see it. There will always be DJs you know and love but there will also always be a bunch of names you’ve probably never heard of. We want you to optimize your festival scheduling so iEDM is here help you out.

Pick 3 Sets You Can't Miss

Find three of your absolute favorites on the list and decide that you refuse to miss them no matter what. These will essentially be the basis for your festival schedule since you will have to build around them.

Once you’ve got that in mind, when the daily schedules with times come out it’ll be easier. You’ll already have in mind that you plan to see them so everything else will fall in place around those three.

What if two of your favorites overlap? This is unfortunately common. If the stages are close, hopefully you can catch both.

Research New Artists

Festivals have HUGE lineups and even the most practiced festival goer will have to look at a lineup 2-3 to fully see and comprehend everyone who’s performing. Pick some random names you might have heard about before, type their name into Soundcloud, and give it a listen. Now is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons.

While you could be super into trap, you might find deep house is also your jam. What better way to listen to some deep house than by laying in the grass at a festival will all your friends? Ask your friends for some DJ name that they like that you might not have heard of. Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.



Get there early with friends and just wander around. We know, the lines long and nobody wants to wait, so you’d rather just get there when you know the artists you like are playing, right? Wrong idea. You will be missing out on most of prime daylight festival time and the opportunity to discover some lesser known DJs.

Get there early and just wander around. When you don’t have a set schedule for the first few hours, you’re more free to explore and discover new things. You’ll learn to love going to the Mainstage at 2pm when there’s actually room to breathe and dance freely.

Wander, wander, wander, and embrace the free spirit vibes of the festival.


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