Griz Wipes Social Media Accounts And Posts Video "It's About Time We Talked"

| February 05, 2018

Griz has shaken fans by wiping his social media clean and posting a blank piece of paper.

Conspiracies are floating across the internet. Is he hyping up a new album? Is he taking a break from music? Is he done with All Good Records?

He recently signed with a new management company and is going through what appears to be a rebranding. This marketing move has gained attention and built up the anticipation of what's next. 

He changed his instagram name from @mynameisgriz to just @GRiZ

Then he erased all his previous posts and this with no caption: 


A post shared by GRiZ (@griz) on


In only 4 days, this post has over 7k likes and hundreds of comments from supportive fans begging him not to leave. 

Some fans were worried that he is taking a hiatus because of a series of recent tweets on Jan. 31. Although after his recent video, I would guess that is not that case. 


The conspiracies are rolling out. Some predict a new album. Some are guessing a world tour. Some think it's a camping festival. Some think it has to do with a recent scandal that happened with a fellow music friend. Some are saying it's the end of an era for Griz and the end of All Good Records. 

In November, the social media accounts for his label All Good Records went silent. After signing with Red Light Management, speculators are guessing this rebranding has to do with the end of the All Good Records era and new beginnings for Griz, aka Grant Kwiecinski. 

Then on Feb. 2 Griz posted a spoken word video. It's moving and it's chilling. Check it out below:  

The video has over 5k shares already and thousands of comments. He posted the credits in the comments:

Words: Grant Kwiecinski
Keys: Borahm Lee
DP: Jason Siegel

Camera: Josiah Jones
Animation: Gabyo

The words are written by him, which proves he is still writing. Griz has always promoted love and change, with his motto being share the love. 

So far he is confirmed for several festivals this summer including Lightning In A Bottle, Backwoods Festival, Bunbury and Electric Forest

One thing for certain is that Griz is keeping us on the edge of our seats waiting for more. In the meantime, we will be waiting to hear more from our favorite funky producer. 

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Lacy Bursick

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