What to Wear to Ultra Music Festival 2023

| February 28, 2023

With Miami Music Week 2023 approaching fast, so is the world's greatest entertainment experiences: Ultra Miami Music Festival. From Friday, March 24th, to Sunday, March 26th, UMF will return to Downtown Miami's Bayfront Park for an unforgettable weekend of visual and auditory overload. This year's festival has one upped its game with a lineup that features one-of-a-kind talent from every corner of the planet. Attendees will have the chance to see Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Tiësto, REZZ, Ganja White Night, Michael Bibi, Alesso, Tale Of Us, Kx5, Eric Prydz, and over 100 other artists in action. An event this incredible needs rave wear to match. At iEDM, we have you covered on all your UMF 2023 essentials along with the hottest rave fashion.


Check out iEDM's 2023 Ultra Miami Music Festival Fashion Guide below.


Rick Dosed Weekend Shorts

It is widely known that Miami can get very hot towards the end of March. While sun beats down on you at UMF, it is important to have a fit that is not too heavy but also stylish. iEDM's Rick Dosed Weekend Shorts are the perfect bottoms for the job. The soothing purple background is balanced by Rick's color-meshed face, creating a humorous yet riveting design. 

Buy the Rick Dosed Weekend Shorts HERE!



Summer Vibes Tank

Another colorful option to wear during the UMF's heat wave is the Summer Vibes Tank. This design is a euphoric blend of purple, pink, yellow, green, orange and teal, forming a sporadic rainbow effect. The way each color looks almost freestyled onto the tank gives off a care-free and relaxed aura.

Buy the Summer Vibes Tank HERE!



Charcoal Glitter Fanny Pack

Ultra is sure to be a crazy weekend which means you'll need something to protect your valuables as you rage throughout the weekend. The optimal choice to keep your phone, wallet, and anything else from being misplaced is one iEDM's Fanny Packs. Even though is each fanny pack is amazing, the Charcoal Glitter design is a fan favorite. On top of the mesmerizing graphic, this fanny pack comes with multiple storage pockets, adjustable straps, and a vibrant exterior finish. 

Buy the Charcoal Glitter Fanny Pack HERE!



Smile Checkerboard Booty Shorts

Nothing puts out positive vibes like iEDM's Smile Checkerboard Booty Shorts. With a black and yellow square pattern, these bottoms include friendly smiley faces of all different sizes. Wear these to Ultra and you will 100% be showered with compliments as well as add a ton of new members to your rave fam.

Buy the Smile Checkerboard Booty Shorts




Ganja Dreamin Bandana

Possessing the ability to transport its beholder to another dimension, The Ganja Dreamin Bandana is a visual masterpiece. Fluorescent layers of marijuana leaves float across the graphic, delivering a feeling of tranquility in anyone who sees it. Via a melting pot of illuminated orange and hot pink, this bandana will allow you completely lose yourself in Ultra's music.

Buy the Ganja Dreamin Bandana HERE!



Green Prism T-Shirt

When your favorite dubstep artists are throwing down haymakers of bass, you will want a shirt that matches the level of energy around you. iEDM's Green Prism T-Shirt does exactly that. It encompasses a lime green kaleidoscopic pattern that distorts the fabric of reality. Rep this mind-bending shirt and head bang in style.

Buy the Green Prism T-Shirt HERE!



Spirited Animal Zip-Up Hoodie

Although Miami is hot pretty much every day of the week, nighttime can sometimes be a little chilly. You will definitely want to bring this zip-up hoodie with you to this iconic music hub, being that the city never sleeps. After hitting Ultra, party until sunrise each day and remain cozy while doing so. The Spirited Animal graphic showcases a spellbinding fantasy where the possibilities are endless.

Buy the Spirited Animal Zip-Up Hoodie HERE!



Tropical Nectar Crop Top

You can never go wrong when rocking a crop top. Shock your friends and other Ultra attendees when wearing iEDM's Tropical Nectar Crop Top during one of the days. Its jaw-dripping design is full of glowing overlapping pathways of an assortment of shapes. This crop top is eclectic and groovy, supplying you with the desire to dance all night long.

Buy the Tropical Nectar Crop Top HERE!




Matte Black Tinted Diffraction Glasses

Put on these shades and instantly become the life of the party at Ultra. These glasses will make you look suave while immersing you in a world full of colorful patterns stemming from its diffraction lens. They have been proven to contain three times the diffraction power from their competition, in addition to being scratch resistant and having a indestructible true-flex frame.

Buy the Matte Black Tinted Diffraction Glasses HERE!



Level Up Mushroom Joggers

Bringing its wearer back to the Gameboy and Nintendo 64 era, these Level Up Mushroom Joggers are just as comfortable as they are unique. The almost all-black pants have intriguing rows of faded-in coins from the classic Mario 64 game. On one of the pant legs, the emblematic "1up" mushroom is included to make a nostalgic yet beautiful aesthetic.

Buy the Level Up Mushroom Joggers HERE!



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