Yeezus Producer Benny Cassette Releases "Maxine" in an iEDM Exclusive Interview

| May 02, 2017

The club kids have their party outfits picked out for what is sure to be a rager of a Friday night. Who could blame them because former Yeezus Producer Benny Cassette just dropped his latest banger, "Maxine." 

Cassette's creative beats have been endorsed by Kanye West which helped solidify his name on the scene. Since working with Yeezy, Cassette has aligned himself with other music industry icons including Miguel and John Legend.

"Maxine" will be sure to get the heart pounding and the feet moving with a unique twist that will be a welcome change for festival-goers everywhere. The song will even make the most hardcore raver get into the groove in the most psychedelic of ways.  In an exclusive interview with, Cassette went into detail about how "Maxine" came together.

"Maxine was written to a girl from my old neighborhood. She was my first love," Cassette told

He continued, "I had to leave my neighborhood and ultimately her to follow this crazy dream that I had. It hurt her when I left, but I had to follow my dreams." The producer sighed as he looked off in the distance.

Cassette continued to reflect on his first love. "I always thought she'd be there waiting. When I returned, she had become this amazing woman I never imagined. This letter and song tells the story of me trying to win her back," he said.

The producer then went into detail about the different styles that influenced "Maxine."

Cassette said, "Maxine loved reggae and ska music. I wanted this song to pay tribute to the music that she loved." 

He then gave the girl of his dreams even more credit. "Maxine will always play a role in my music and my art because your first love never leaves you," he told iEDM.

Besides his first love, Cassette's upbringing also played a role in him becoming a producer.

Cassette told iEDM, "Being from LA, I grew up around many cultures. Latin, Italian, African American--you name it. All of that has a big influence on the subject matter and sound of my music. LA plays major role in my sound."

With the warm California sun firmly in the producer's corner, Cassette knew it was time to take the show on the road.

"I traveled around the country performing with the youth performance group I was in. We performed in prisons, malls and inner city recreational centers. Getting a taste for how quickly music, especially live music, can impact people is what made me fall in love with being an artist."

With his star on the rise, what is next for Cassette?  "I will be releasing more songs off of my upcoming LP, 'Broken Hearts & Dollar Signs,' doing some shows and working on a few productions for other artists that I can't talk about yet but will be unexpected," he left with a wink.

With that, you can follow Benny Cassette on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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