Lights can take your rave outfit from beginner to seasoned raver instantly. They're expressive, unique, and easily add to your festival or rave experience. From glove sets and orbits to LED goggles and space whips, iEDM is your source for all things glow and light up. In this collection, you'll find everything you need to look and feel incredible at the next show. If you're a glover or love to dance with whips or orbits, you can find the best options on the market today all right here!

Whether you're searching for a dope pair of light up glasses or LED gloves to wear to an upcoming rave, we offer the best selection of glow and light up accessories around. Express your state of mind without ever speaking a word when you add some trippy lights to your outfit. Shop tracer, kaleidoscope, or tinted light up glasses that will seriously enhance your look. When paired with a rave bandana or face mask, you'll be melting faces everywhere you turn. Love dancing to the bass beats while gloving, orbiting, or using space whips? Get in sync with the flow of the moment with our selection of glow and light up accessories, available in different styles to suit your needs. Many of these lights are customizable. For example, you can select the wire color and frame type for the different styles of luminescence glasses. Pair these accessories up with our huge inventory of festival-inspired clothing to create an all new look for raves and fests or add on to your current one. With lights, you can more easily show off your state of mind to other ravers, helping to build connections and friendships with people in the crowd. Shop for yourself or outfit your crew with some seriously dope light up glasses or other options available in this collection.

With our 110% price match policy and satisfaction guarantee, you can shop our glow and light up selection totally worry-free. Become a member of the #iEDM crew by sharing your shopping experience with us. Don't forget to tag us on social media! For questions or concerns about our inventory, please feel free to reach out for further assistance.




Light Up Accessories