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No matter where you're off to—work, the gym, an EDM festival, or the beach with friends—you need a functional bag to store your essentials in. From food and drinks to daily medicine and wallets, you can rely on our selection of tote bags to securely hold everything you need on hand. With a variety of EDM-inspired designs to choose from, you can easily find one that suits your style.

Made of durable polyester, these bags are perfect for virtually any use. Each of them features a black lined interior and black cotton handles. You may select the right size for your carrying needs in small, medium, and large. Some of these psychedelic tote bags feature wild prints like Neon Drip, Funkadelic, and Aqua Daze. Others are bold in their artistic displays with bright, colorful prints like those found in the Tiger, Wolf, and Eyecopi Kopie tote bags. Love environmental themes? Check out the Floral Skull and Rodial Roots options. These durable, roomy bags will be your go-to whenever a festival or show is on the horizon. They're perfect for campsites, as you can easily store them in your tent to keep all of your essential things in one place. If you've misplaced your ID, phone charger, or medicine while at a fest before, you can dedicate one of our totes to house these items and more. Once you've placed your order, you can expect a 5-day crafting period—that's right, these stylish totes are made to order. They're printed, cut, and sewn just for you! Order one for yourself or give one to a fellow EDM lover to get ready for festival season and everything in between.

There are several benefits to choosing iEDM for your next tote bag. All of our apparel and accessories are made in the USA using eco-friendly inks and recycled micro polyester. Plus, we compensate artist designs rightfully—we don't skimp on paying back the artist community!

Shop worry-free with our 30-Day Return Policy and 110% price match guarantee. Share your iEDM experience with us and become part of our #iEDMfam. Questions about our selection of rave tote bags? Get in touch with us for further assistance.

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