Coachella 2022



Coachella 2022

Coachella 2022

Psychoactive UV Reactive Light-Up Bucket Hat



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Sunkist UV Reactive Light-Up Bucket Hat




Every year, California braces itself for the multiple weekend mega-festival that has become synonymous with music festival culture all over the world. Coachella is practically a legend in the world of music festivals and is known for consistent top-notch lineups, laid-back vibes, rich art, celebrity visitors, and of course, the omnipresent flower crowns. This April, Coachella returns to Indio, California for two massive weekends of music and art.

Coachella has been stunning California ever since 1999 and has continued to impress ever since then. If you are one of the lucky 99,000 who will be attending Coachella this year, we here at iEDM want to help you look your best with the newest and coolest rave wear

Of the many things that Coachella is known for, Indie fashion and style is one of the most renown. From DIY crop tops to intricate floral crowns, facial tattoos and distressed denim, fashion is the name of the game when it comes to this queen of California festivals. But if you're tired of flower crowns, look no further. We want you to have the perfect Coachella outfit from tops to bottoms and everything in between: glow toys, accessories, leg wear and anything you can think of. We got you. 

Not sure what you want to wear? Not only do we have an entire collection dedicated solely to Coachella, but we've been adding a bunch of different posts to help anyone who might be hitting a fashion block with your EDM clothing. Check out our Coachella-related blog posts, complete with product links and suggestions from our knowledgeable and creative staff. 

Not sure what to wear? Check out The Coachella Fashion & Packing Guide HERE

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