Camping festivals can be the most fun way to bond with your crew, but only as long as you come prepared. Not having proper camping gear can make or break your weekend. If you and your crew are camping, then you need those accessories like trippy tapestries to hang on your shade structure for privacy, decor and to protect you from painful sunburns.

A tapestry can also double as a place to call home base at the main stage with your squad. You can lay it out, take a nap, eat some delicious tacos and enjoy the day. At a festival that has you immersed 24 hours a day, you need to find time to relax and recover.

At night, expect the temperature to drop, so you need to cozy up with a festival blanket. Leave your comforter at home and bring a vibrant festival blanket or snuggly sherpa blanket that fits into the vibe of the festival.



Festival Camping