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  • GloFX - 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses
  • GloFX - 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses
  • GloFX - 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses
  • GloFX - 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses
  • GloFX - 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses
  • GloFX - 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses

6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses

Brand: GloFX

List Price: $59.95

Sale Price:$39.95

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  • 6 Color Luminescence Sunglasses!
  • Regular Tinted Sunglass Lenses
  • 3-Mode Inverter with Sound Activation Mode
  • Battery Powered Illuminated Wayfarer Black Frame
  • Batteries Included (2 AA OR 4 AAA)
  • 3ft. Wire To Clip Battery Pack on Belt, Pants, or Shirt
  • High Quality Craftsmanship

Light up in style with GloFX's most premeir model of Luminescence Sunglasses! Featuring 6 colors in one frame, these EL wire wrapped glasses are made by hand with quality in mind. We've all seen single and double color electro luminescence glasses before, but now you can blow everyone out of the water with 6 vibrant colors on 1 pair of glasses! It doesn't get much cooler than this. Now paired with our multiple mode inverter, you get the best of both worlds. Start the night off right with solid and flashing modes, and keep the party going with the sound activated mode as well.

Grab a pair of these and you've got an exclusive pair of glasses that will make you the life of the party! With every color from Royal Blue to Yellow, Red, Lime Green, Frost White, and Pink. These glasses are a crazy combination of every color available.

By offering the latest in electroluminescent technology, we are proud to present the first 6-Color design from GloFX! Clip on the battery pack and you are ready to rock your own personal light show.

Designed with durability and built with quality materials, these glasses will out perform any competitor. You can feel the quality from the second you pick them up. Get looked at in a whole new way with these Luminescence Sunglasses.

Combined EL Glasses Inverter: 3-Mode and Sound activated, all in one! The 3-foot wire on the EL sunglasses makes it easy to tuck away or clip on your belt. Our 3-Mode mode features Off, Solid On, Flashing; while our Sound Activated Inverter can be set to flash to the music at any BPM or distance from the speakers! These truly are the nicest glasses offered in the LED or light up eyewear class.

Crank up all the colors and set your imagination ablaze with these memorable and stimulating glasses!