Heart Effect Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses - Black

Heart Effect Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses - Black

Brand: GloFX




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Since the inception of GloFX, our goal has been to innovate and engineer the future of rave eyewear. With our Heart Effect Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses, we've created something truly special. For supreme comfort and style, we have taken our famous kaleidoscope lenses and combined them with our classic Ultimate frame to provide you a set of Kaleidoscope Glasses unlike anything else on the market. Then we added our patented Heart Effect Diffraction lenses to add a whole new dimension to your kaleidoscopic experience.

Our redesigned glass crystals utilize our Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST) to create a different arrayof colors at every angle. The Edge Cutcrystal allows for more clarity while maintaining an intense kaleidoscopic effect and deep palette of colors. RST paired with our real glass Edge Cut crystal helps to refract light from different directions while ensuring that all colors pass through the layer of rainbow fuming.Every point of light which passes through the kaleidoscope crystal is then diffracted into heart shapes using patented heart diffraction technology.

But we didn't stop there. Foryears, Kaleidoscope Glasses have been limited to a perfectly circular lens and frame. So, wecreated a lens that works with our best housing, the Ultimate True-Flex PVC frame. The user can now see a widerview of richprismatic colors with our most popular frame style. We've engineered the Ultimatefor any fractal glassesconnoisseur.

Each pair of Heart Effect UltimateKaleidoscope Glasses is hand assembled in the USA with superior craftsmanship. These unique rainbow fractal glasses are exclusively designed and manufactured by GloFX.

  • True-Flex Plastic Frame - Black
  • Real Glass Crystals
  • See Hearts Within a Kaleidoscopic Rainbow Effect
  • Edge Cut Lenses with Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST)
  • Lightweight Flat Back Design
  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by GloFX
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Utilizes Patented Lens Technology
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