10 Alien Fashion Must Haves for Area 51 Invasion

| July 29, 2019

This area 51 invasion has taken over the internet. Memes are popping up left and right and new plans emerge everyday with the best way to invade area 51. What started as a Facebook joke has turned into a massive uprise. 

There are even promoters saying they are going to throw an area 51 music festival (um yes please). While we are just here for the laughs, we created an Area 51 collection so you can gather your alien gear and get extraterrestrial with your style. 

Here are 10 alien fashion must haves for the Area 51 invasion. 


10. Hipster Alien 

We're not sure what hipster alien is saying, but we dig his style. Be a hipster alien amongst the normies. 

Get your Hipster Alien Tank HERE.



9. Alien Joggers 

There's a chance you may have to make a run for it. If so, make sure you're ready with a comfy pair of joggers. 

Get your Alien Joggers HERE



8. Splatter Alien Drawstring Bag 

Grab your supplies and let's go! This invasion is no joke. Don't forget your map, compass and of course water. 

Get your Alien Drawstring Bag HERE



7. Alien Tie-Dye Tank 

In case you meet an alien, show it you are friendly by wearing a shirt of its people. 

Get your Alien Tie-Dye Tank HERE



6. Alien Melt Purple Zip- Up Hoodie

It gets cold in the desert at night and who knows how long this Area 51 Invasion will take. Don't forget your hoodie. 

Get your Alien Melt Purple Zip-Up Hoodie HERE.  



5. Alien Gang Bang Onesie 

We will never know the freaky stuff aliens are into until we storm Area 51. We need answers... 

Get your Alien Gangbang Onesie HERE



4. Alien, Weed, Pizza Light Up Shoes 

You're going to need new sneakers for when you raid Area 51. These are clearly the top choice.

Light em up and get yours HERE



3. Alien Weekend Shorts 

These weekend shorts are just what you need for your weekend invasion. 

Get your Alien Shorts HERE



2. Mind Control Crop Top 

Watch out for UFOs. Or maybe they will transport you to another dimension better than here. Namaste here! 

Find your size in this Mind Control Crop HERE



1. Alien Splatter Bandana Mask 

Pull this bandana mask over your face as you invade Area 51. It's time to know the truth about our fellow space inhabitants. 

Get your Alien Splatter Bandana Mask HERE



Browse the rest of the Area 51 Collection HERE for more alien picks or check out our Space Vibes Collection HERE for more out of this world gear. 

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