One of the most essential things to bring along with you to a fest or rave is a drawstring bag. They're lightweight, incredibly portable, and comfortable enough for all-day wear. They come in handy when you need to carry things like your wallet, phone, water, sunglasses, or whatever else. We offer more than 40 options in this collection that will help to complete your look for the next event!

Details matter, which is why we offer such vibrant designs for our drawstring festival bags. We use sublimation printing on these to create all-over prints that cover the front and back of the bags. The bright, rich colors and details will draw the attention of festival-goers and ravers alike. Your drawstring bag can add a surprising amount of personality to your rave gear, so don't just go for a boring one! Plus, as you're walking around the fest grounds or the rave, you won't feel weighed down like you would with a traditional backpack. Our artist designed drawstring festival bags offer unique looks that can't be found elsewhere. When you shop with iEDM, you're supporting the artist community, as we rightfully compensate these artists for their work! From aliens and skulls to psychedelic and floral designs, we have something for everyone. You can use these bags virtually for anything. Take it with you to the gym to class, on the beach, and tons of other places. You can forget stuffing your pockets with essentials and store your things in a much more secure way with a drawstring bag. When festival season is near, pick up one or two of these bags so you always have an easy carry option. No matter what your go-to look is for fests and raves, iEDM's high-quality drawstring bags will help you express yourself in a totally unique way.

Shop these options for yourself or gift one to a fellow raver! iEDM bags are made in the USA.




Drawstring Festival Bags