Adam Priester

Adam Priester is a designer and 3D Generalist born in Germany, living in Sweden. He is eager to explore new techniques and methods inspired by classical artist, Lovecraft's literature, Junji Ito's Manga, and the darker side of things.

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BigTexFunkadelic is a creative brand by B. Hoylman that features funky, wild, and weird art available on a variety of items. Founded in January 2017, art from BigTexFunkadelic are viewed and purchased worldwide. With 500+ designs publicly released, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

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Brandi Young, otherwise known as "brizbazaar" is a self taught graphic visionary artist, born and raised in the Appalachia Region of Eastern Kentucky. Brandi's work focuses around sacred geometry, spirituality, the cosmos, and good vibez. The meaning behind brizbazaar's funkadelic creations are left up to the mind of the observer.

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Julia Williams (aka The Designosaur) is an artist, muralist, and illustrator based in Boulder, Colorado. Her work takes inspiration from festival culture, dance, and tribal influences, and often includes animals, psychedelic neon colors, and space. She strives to create artwork that feels otherworldly and invokes a sense of wonder and mystery for the viewer.

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Good Behavior

Paolo Cordero, otherwise known as "paolosanto" started his journey in design, focusing in photography, and creative direction. Born and raised in the Southern islands of the Philippines and is a first generation Filipino American immigrant. Paolo's designs and creative campaigns are inspired by curating an emotional experience, and touching the intersection of culture and minimalism.

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Lucid Eye Studios

Digital artist Jud Hayden created lucid Eye Studios. Experiences influence Jud's work alongside visions he sees. Jud incorporates the natural world into almost all of his pieces because the wild and pristine nature of these elements inspire him. He uses many styles in his art because he enjoys the freedom of creating pieces that are vastly different.

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Marc Allante

Marc Allante exhibited a passion for the visual arts from an early age. Having lived in Hong Kong, Sydney, and London, his work is inspired in both form and style by these western and eastern influences. Merging traditional Chinese inks with European painting techniques in a contemporary style reflects the fusion of his Chinese-French ancestry and brings it into a modern context.

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MCAshe Spiritual Art

Maria the artist behind MCAshe is a Colombian digital illustrator. MCAshe spiritual art focuses on spiritual art using textures, cosmic atmospheres, sensations, mandala and sacred geometry.

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Psychedelic Pourhouse

Brian's artistic journey began in the neon drenched blacklit museum Electric Ladyland, in the city of Amsterdam. Once he returned home to the States he began experimenting with florescent materials and the magic of mirrors and kaleidoscopes. From the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the inner workings of consciousness, Brian creates designs to be enjoyed in the here and now.

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Rachel Rosenkoetter

Rachel Rosenkoetter is a visual artist living in Portland, OR. Born and raised in MO, Rosenkoetter received a BFA in Painting from Missouri State University and her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Utilizing painting, collage and installation, her work investigates mysticism and states of being. Revealing symbols and bodies as potent with sacred potential, she harnesses physical forms to speak to a metaphysical ecstasy and excess.

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Riza Peker

Artist Riza Peker is a print designer, digital artist and textile maker, who's been working in the industries professionally since 2003. His focus is on whimsical, floral patterns, animal motifs and interesting color separations, in order to create unique pieces that stimulate your inspiration and imagination.

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Sartoris Art

Sartoris Art style is contemporary and whimsical using mediums of digital art and acrylic paint. Working in the industry since 2013 creating a wide range of designs. My signature style is colorful with designs for all ages.

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Svenja Jodicke

Svenja was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in a creative, big family. Svenja originally started as a conventional traditional artist, experimenting with different mediums such as watercolor, acrylics and collages. After her experiences on the street her depicted subjects got darker and more abstract. Eyes were and still are always the main focus of all her works, as they fascinate her and are able to tell unspoken stories.

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Technodrome1 aka Takun Williams is a Brooklyn skateboarder, devoted artist, and activist of all forms of Love and Goodness. Alchemist of digital art, painter, writer, and more. Technodrome1 is here to soothe your mind and activate your senses.

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Think Lumi

An award-winning artist, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Lumi's work focuses around light, and enchanting dreamscapes that intrigue and inspire. Lumi's work always places you directly into the story, which resonates with a large audience and whose meaning is open to the interpretation of the viewer due to the surreal nature of his work.

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Yantrart Design

Yantrart Design Studio was officially created in 2017 by Guifré Urgell Tasies, aiming to provide unique illustrations and art services worldwide. Our work is based on Sacred Geometry and Mandalas mainly, exploring the symbolic and esoteric world out here. We provide many different services, passing by custom illustrations for apparel and commercials, licencing, mural painting, logotype and graphic design, skateboard design, tattoo designs, yoga mat designs and many more! Feel free to contact us! We are based in Tàrrega, a town near Barcelona, Spain. Thank you!

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