For light shows of all kinds, kaleidoscope glasses are a must. Not only do they look awesome, but with them, you'll see shows like never before. These special types of eyewear feature real glass lenses that bend and refract light. The result is a more intense sensory experience during light shows or other things like watching fireworks or someone gloving or orbiting. You've seen other EDM lovers wearing them, so now it's time you had a pair! With over 50 glasses to browse, we make it incredibly easy to find the right style and color to go perfectly with your rave gear.

There are various types of these high-quality kaleidoscope glasses that offer different refraction and light-bending experiences. Since many of these options are made by our friends at GloFX, here are the variations in their kaleidoscope glasses:

Original – The Original Style Kaleidoscope Glasses features maximum intensity crystal vision. These are dual faceted crystals intended to present the best kaleidoscopic experience possible.

Flat Back – This style is lighter weight and best for kaleidoscoping on-the-go. This model is very popular for clubs and EDM festivals where dancing and movement is more popular.

Wormhole – Sometimes called the "portal style" or "rabbit hole," these lenses create a spiraling effect with a clear center. Experience maximum intensity in the peripheral, and clear vision in the center. These are ideal for walking around.

Ultimate –Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses feature a flat back and come in several lens cuts. They're considered GloFX's most stylish model.

With these differences in mind, you can choose which pairs are designed for the type of journey you want to take. Maybe an outdoor festival is coming up and you need a pair of wormhole glasses while walking around the grounds. Some options feature glowing EL wire around the frames while others are built with chain necklaces, so you never lose them. While these rave kaleidoscope glasses include a protective soft case, you can add on a hard case for additional protection for a fee. If you've never taken these to a rave or fest, you're going to love the intensity of the lights and laser beams during your favorite DJ's set. Choose several different styles so your rave gear stays fresh and you always get an incredible experience.

All of these glasses are handcrafted in the USA. Shop worry-free with our 30 Day Return Policy and 110% price match guarantee. Share your iEDM experience with us and become part of our #iEDMfam. Questions about our inventory of kaleidoscope glasses? Get in touch with us for further assistance.

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