10 Backpacks You Must Have For Festival Season 2020

| March 02, 2018

No matter where you are starting this festival season, you must pack the essentials. One of the most important is a backpack. These convenient little lifesaver allows you to pack all of the other essentials you need to enhance your amazing festival adventures. 

Money, identification, glasses, fans, flow toys, water, you name it, your backpack will be there to carry it the entire time you rave through the day and night. Hydration packs are there to keep you and bae alive without having to take water breaks during every single show. 

As with everything you wear, these give you an opportunity to bring individuality and colorful designs to your appearance. Start your 2020 season off right by adding creativity to your essentials.

iEDM has your back covered with backpacks and hydration packs that will light up your experience even more. Here are 10 Backpacks You Must Have For Festival Season 2020. 


1. C2


This beautiful mixture is a unique burst of color. You will basically be running around with an alluring painted canvas on your back, rather than an actual backpack.

As an abstract piece, anyone could see something different than another. Me, I see a river flowing through the land under an awe-inspiring sunset. What do you see? Grab this, and pack it up, and let the good times roll. 


2. Holographic Disco


The name says it all! This hydration pack is ready to party. Items that go with anything in your closet are always a steal. The holographic prism design gives it that advantage.

It also features a pink vegan leather logo patch, the signature removable butterfly pacifier mouthpiece, a front pocket, a pocket against the back wall, and holds 2 liters of water in the main compartment.

Made for convenience, it is easy to fill and will keep you hydrated for several sets. Get this instead of buying water every 30 minutes. 


3. Trippy Trek  



Warning: Will Melt Faces. Wearing this, you may turn around to find someone was completely lost in your trippy backpack art. The psychedelic lake of colors, geometric design, and rays of sunshine give this piece a 10 of 10. 

Made of PU leather, it gives you that smooth feel without a guilty conscious. Wear art, not animals! Throw this on and blow people's minds. 


4. Chai 


Panda, panda, panda! This furry little beast is smoking on the rainbow. He is having the time of his life. Bring this hookah bear with you and while you're at it, give him a name. 

iEDM has many more watercolor designs for you to wear. Check out 10 Watercolor Designs For Festival Season 2018 HERE


5. Furry Monster  


You will be the cutest monster in the crowd with this furry hydration pack. The excitement you bring to people's faces will be worth all of the petting.

It features neon rainbow fur along the back with 3D poly filled colorful spikes, a zip pocket against the back wall, and it holds 2 liters of water in the main compartment with a butterfly pacifier mouthpiece. 

Get yours and RAWR through it through the season. We want colorful little monster running around everywhere we look. 


6. William 


Coming from some of the best graphic designers in the world, our backpacks leave viewers in awe with every gaze. One piece of art can say so much. Throw one on, and take it everywhere you go. 

This color scheme brightens your outfit while the artwork adds a story. Show off your abstract soul with a simple backpack. 


7. Spent


Adam Priester makes it easy for us to fill the world with more attention-grabbing art. His talent filled work turn a simple backpack into something so much more. 

The gushing colors flowing across the canvas will make anyone looking at it want to dive right in and swim in through the cotton candy sea. Blow minds and stay radiant with this one-of-a-kind bag. 


8. Hippie Trip


The body material is a woven cotton/polyester blend, with a woven Aztek print. This backpack features a large front cargo pocket against the back wall and holds 2 liters of water in the main compartment. The butterfly pacifier mouthpiece is made for easy drinking but is also removable. 

This palette is super chill and brings relaxing vibes. Keep all of your trippy hippies full of water with a Hippie Trip Hydration pack. 


9. Rainbow Land  


Rainbow Land features magical creatures and a landscape that you'll never get tired of looking at. Energized with flower power, the colors never stop flowing, and the mountains are always glowing. 

Stay majestic and introduce everyone around you to the amazing world right on the front of your backpack. 


10. Pour Deux 


For all of the lovebirds out there, this romantic scene is for you. Dancing through colors pouring through their world this couple can relate to those of you dancing through the laser flooding your festival shows with bae. 

Take these two on a double date with you and your lover to the extraordinary places you find on your festival adventures. 


We want to make sure all of the artists who give us these inspiring creations get what they deserve out of it too. That's why a portion of the proceeds go to the artists who bless us with them. 

You can find all of these and more at 

Check out more Breathtaking Backpacks HERE

Browse Essential Hydration Packs HERE

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