10 Best EDM DJ + Vocal Collabs

| March 30, 2017

DJ's start tweeting with a fellow artist about working with them and the rumors start. You can feel it in your bones that you know the song is going to be straight fire. You count down the days until it's released and wait around listening to the snippets of the song until that glorious release date comes.

There is something purely magical about when a killer DJ gets together with a vocalist whom you not only fan hard for, but has the type of voice you know can only made a track 10 times better. We've compiled a list of a few of those hyped up songs where the DJ gods and vocal genius's came together to perform musical genius.

1. Alessia Cara + Zedd - Stay

For a girl who's only 20 years old, Alessia Cara has easily one of my favorite voices. It was one of those songs where I saw her name was on it and I instantly got ten times more excited. Keep killing the game girl.

2. Snakehips + Mø - Don't Leave

After gaining some light after doing some serious work with Major Lazer, Mø's voice became almost iconic to EDM tracks. Her voice just gives the perfect sound to any beat whether its a slow song, or a high-energy track.

3. Mako + Madison Beer - I Won't Let You Walk Away

This song will forever be a classic in my eyes. As a song that originally didn't have lyrics too it, Madison Beer is the reason the song is what is.

4. Seven Lions + Tove Lo - Strangers

This song will always make it on to just about every list I ever create. There is nothing else that could have been done to this song to make it any more perfect than it already is.

5. The Chainsmokers + Halsey - Closer:

I'm pretty positive everyone on the entire planet Earth knows this song ten times over by now. However, that doesn't diminish its genius.  Whoever decided to take Halsey's voice and throw it on this song deserves a cookie, or twelve.

6. Ariana Grande + Cashmere Cat - Adore:

Ariana Grande is a powerhouse vocalist, there's no denying that. Combine her with Cashmere Cat is a masterpiece. Any time the two artists link up it's always lyrical bliss that's created.

7. Jack U + Justin Bieber - Where R U Now :

This song marked the return of the Justin Bieber era. Whether you're a fan of the Biebs or not, you can't deny that you jammed out to this track as soon as it was released.

8. Flux Pavillion + Matthew Koma - Emotional :

Matthew Koma always has collabed with just about every DJ under the sun. However, we're pretty much obsessed with his vocals on this dubstep track.

9. Brendon Urie + Dillon Francis  - Love In The Middle of A Firefight:

It's no secret that Dillon Francis is basically a hilarious genius. He knows exactly what he's doing. Putting Brendon Urie's vocals on this track just proved to us even more just how amazing he is. Brendon Urie has a voice that can make anyone swoon.


10. Madeon + Porter Robinson - Shelter

Obviously this list would not be complete with out this track. Porter Robinson and Madeon will forever and always be the greatest collab of all time. Madeon is known to sing on a track for himself from time to time but this one was truly the genius we all expected and hoped it would be.


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