10 Creative & Versatile Outfit Combos For Men And Women

| August 24, 2018

Clothing is a wonderful form of self-expression and story-telling, especially when it comes to festival culture.

Your outfit choices are an effective way to enhance your personality and can even be a conversation starter that leads to new friendships. Many fashion lovers know that sometimes when you find a statement piece you like, planning an outfit around it that showcases it well can be difficult.

Whether you are looking for a creative look for a festival or a vibrant outfit for a night out, these top and bottom combos for men and women will exceed your expectations and make outfit planning a breeze!


10. Patrick Star 





Pay homage to one of the most hilarious Spongebob characters in this Patrick Star outfit combo. The top has features a wide eye and shocked Patrick and the bottom is his signature floral shorts. It is the perfect dose of nostalgic humor that we all love to see.




9. Fire and Ice





This mesmerizing outfit features a fiery wolf going head to head with its artic counterpart. The fire and ice contrast adds undeniable character and interest to the outfit and will definitely garner attention in any setting you wear it in.




8. Galactic Waves







The longer you stare at the galactic waves print, the crazier it gets. Forces of nature are combined as a bold astronaut surfs the fabric of the universe along with some dolphin counterparts. The galaxy print and colorful swirls enrich the design and add so many unexpected layers making it the epitome of wearable art.




7. Holding the Sun







If you can’t get enough of summer and all the beauty and warmth it brings then this is the outfit for you. The tank features a breathtaking design of outstretched hands holding the sun which is surrounded by sacred geometry and lunar eclipse patterns. The shorts are the same dreamy orange color as the top and further immerses you into the artwork. This look will elevate the mood and attract enlightened souls to you wherever you go.




6. DJ Paws






Your favorite DJ’s probably wish they could look as enthusiastic and adorable as the cat hitting the decks on this print. The vivid laser backdrop frames the superstar kitten as he spins what must be a masterpiece on his pepperoni pizza CDJ’s. The shorts simply have the laser design which would look amazing with this top or even with another trippy outfit.




6. Suger Skull




From it’s gorgeous floral touches to its geometric patterns, there is so much to love about the suger skull outfit. The playful colors meshed with black and white touches adds a wonderful balance to the overall look. Wear this to show off your courageous and creative side.




4. We Were Never Kings





The aquatic and sunset tones of this design gives it euphoric and elegant vibes. The leggings have more of the orange tones present which fully completes the look and adds more detail.




3. Lion




The lion print is made for every fierce and passionate woman out there that isn’t afraid to show it. The crop top is the centerpiece of the outfit with its watercolor lion design. The leggings bring out the diverse colors of the top and would add an eccentric touch to any outfit.




2. Supine




The rich violet, blue, and magenta tones of the supine top and bottoms effortlessly blend together to create a one of a kind work of art. This is more of an abstract print that has endless potential for accessorizing and striking makeup looks.




1. Zebra Bunt




If you prefer zebras over lions then this is another watercolor print that you would love. The top has a rainbow-colored zebra and the stripes design continues onto the leggings. This outfit is great for any animal lover out that loves pushing boundaries when it comes to fashion.


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