10 Crop Tops To Dance In This Summer 2020

| May 13, 2018

It’s that time of year where we are breaking out the crop tops and dancing in the sun to our favorite music with our beloved friends. Festival season is in full throttle and raves have taken over every weekend.

These events are full of expression and showing off who you truly are. iEDM has the perfect rave wear to do that with through sublimation prints, a technique that allows us to deliver the most unreal, vivid graphic visuals throughout the shirt! They are fade resistant to make all of the intricate designs possible and wrinkle resistant for convenience.

Crops are a comfy way to dress to impress while also staying cool through your festy adventures. Here are 10 Crop Tops To Dance Through Summer 2020 in.


1. Owl

This beautiful creature is ready to dance with you no matter where you go. It makes a great top for any event; EDC, Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, you name it. The creative design gives a unique aspect and is a great choice if you are looking to add some colorful art to your wardrobe.


2. Flora Mandala

Mandala's create a design that is so intricate, it will turn heads everywhere you go. Show off your spiritual side and represent the universe through sacred geometry. Black and white coloring give this crop the ability to match any color bottoms, making it a must-have.


3. Eyecopi Kopie

With the world in her eyes, she gives us a burst of the spectrum. This lusciously lashed beauty could say so much with that deep gaze. Help create more of an art-filled world by wearing this to your favorite EDM rave where the art is abundant, or to a place that needs more art in its presence like the grocery store that doesn't have a single piece to ponder.


4. Sugar Skull

Here we have one of the trippiest crops in existence. In Mexico, sugar skulls represent a departed soul and are placed at the gravesite to honor the return of that spirit. This is one of the traditions Day of the Dead has carried throughout times. With a trippy history, this top also has lively color and complex geometric patterns, giving it psychedelic vibes.


5. Unicorn Spew

Well, I guess we know how those "unicorn lattes" are made now. The vibrant colors with its depth defining shading give it a 3D effect. This is the perfect shirt for adding animating color to your wardrobe without adding too much.


6. Astronaut Pals

Grab two and throw one to your best bud. This makes a great friendship shirt for galaxy exploring friend pairs and it's perfect for festival adventures. The color scheme to this cosmic creation is unique and adds the color that's needed in a black and tan outfit.


7. Acid Pikachu

Pokémon loving ravers, your dream shirt has arrived. This Pika is lost in the sauce. I want whatever he's having. Everything about this crop top makes it perfect for all of your trippy adventures.

If you are a Pokemon fan, check out the rest of the iEDM Pokemon Collection HERE.


8. Level Up Mushroom

80's & 90's babies, this is a must-have to represent your era. Everyone needs a little level up mushroom now and then. Racing through life isn't always easy, but when you hit that level jumping point, it's all worth it. Gamers, it goes without saying, but this is especially for you. They say life is just one big game anyway.


9. Venice

Floral beauties as this with white undertones make for a great centerpiece in outfits that are going with a natural look. It's not too little, not too much. The wine colors will accent your matching lipstick. It's all an all-around good palette that anyone can pull off.


10. On One

This Gratefully Died crop is one of those sublimation prints that blow minds with how vivid the graphic is. This blast of color is one of many that iEDM carries.

Check out iEDM's Neon Storm Collection HERE.


iEDM has all of this and more. Browse all of the Best EDM Wear HERE

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Pack up your suit case and go make the best days of your life dancing in the most creative clothing. Happy Festival Season 2018! 

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