10 Dope Men's Tanks You Need for 4/20

| March 24, 2022

April 20th is a pothead's favorite holiday. If you are one to indulge in some sticky icky from time to time, you might be counting down the days to this year's festivities. Maybe you’re planning to smoke the day away with your buds, or maybe you're hitting up one of the many 4/20 shows or festivals. Whatever the case, it's essential to celebrate the holidaze in style. iEDM’s 4/20-inspired premium men's tanks are exactly what you need to stay cool, comfy, and ready to blaze at all times. 

Check out iEDM’s 10 Dope Tanks You Need For 4/20 below.


Gold Weed Leaves Tank

Walk into the room dripping in gold with the Gold Weed Leaves Tank. This 4/20 inspired tank is covered with green and gold marijuana leaves as it is designed to help you showcase your love for your favorite plant. Ride high where ever you venture with this dank premium tank. 


Buy iEDM’s Gold Weed Leaves Tank HERE!



Fear And Loathing Tank


Embrace your inner Hunter S. Thompson while celebrating 4/20 with the Fear and Loathing Tank. Spark a joint, ponder existence, and write your own story with this premium tank. 


Buy iEDM’s Fear And Loathing Tank HERE!



Light It Up Tank

May the force be with you, and may your bong rips be smooth. Light it up like Yoda with the Light It Up Tank. This premium tank depicts Yoda precisely sparking his bong with the force of his light saber. Not only is this tank 4/20 friendly, but it will help you ward off the dark side. 


Buy iEDM’s Light It Up Men’s Tank HERE!



Space Ganja Tank

Blast off into space with the Space Ganja Tank. You’ll be soaring past Mars and well beyond the stars as you immerse yourself in this hazy galaxy print. This tank is perfect for the cosmonauts and stoners alike. 


Buy iEDM’s Space Ganja Tank HERE!



420 Munchies Cat Tank

Got munchies? The 4/20 Munchies Cat Tank depicts a dazed cat surrounded by weed who is about to go to work on a burrito. If you celebrate 4/20 the way you’re supposed to, you’ll most likely feel like the cat on this hilarious tank. 

Buy iEDM’s Munchie’s Cat Tank HERE!



Marijuana Christmas Cheer Tank

There's a reason why they call 4/20 the "Stoner’s Christmas." The Marijuana Christmas Cheer Tank combines your love for good weed with the red and green colors of Christmas. Get festive with this dope weed-inspired tank. 


Buy iEDM’s Marijuana Christmas Cheer Tank HERE!



S.W.E.D. Tank

Inhale the future and exhale the past with the S.W.E.D Tank. This 4/20-inspired tank is covered with icy blue marijuana leaves, sacred geometry, and vibrant blues and greens. Ride high and manifest your true being with this awe-inspiring tank. 


Buy iEDM’s S.W.E.D Tank HERE!



Dazed And Confused Tank

Take a toke and shift your reality with the Dazed And Confused Tank. This striking design depicts vibrational frequencies connecting each marijuana leaf together as one. Stay trippy with this premium tank. 


Buy iEDM’s Dazed and Confused Tank HERE!



Psychedelic Weed Tank

Take a hit and venture deep into worlds unknown with the Psychedelic Weed Tank. This tripped-out tank is perfect for psychonauts and psychedelic explorers. Proceed with caution, as it’s not uncommon for your friends to get lost staring at this hypnotizing design. 


Buy iEDM’s Psychedelic Weed Tank HERE!



Haze Sour Kush Tank

There is nothing wrong with showing love for your favorite strain. If you can’t get enough of the sour flower, then the Haze Sour Kush Tank is for you. Ride high with this premium tank designed with the stoner in mind. 


Buy iEDM’s Haze Sour Kush Tank HERE!



High Times Tank

There's no better time to embrace the high times than on 4/20. Celebrate the holidaze with the High Times Tank and electrify your smoke circle like never before. This magnetic tank is perfect for the at-home smoke sesh or the late-night rave. 


Buy iEDM’s High Times Tank HERE!



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