10 EDM-Inspired Joggers for Late-Night Sets + Afterparties

| December 30, 2022

2022 has officially come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. Festival season is still moving in full force, with plenty of spring festivals to cure your winter sadness soon enough. However, as those warm spring nights turn into crisp cool evenings, it is essential to up your ravewear game to ensure you stay warm and comfy as the temperatures begin to drop, especially during those late-night sets. Luckily, iEDM has you covered with an abundance of rave-inspired joggers that not only keep you warm but keep your style up to date with the hottest trends in festival fashion. 



Check out iEDM's Rave Inspired Joggers For Late Night Sets below.


Trance Joggers

Prepare to board the mothership and ride the sonic waves of the universe with these extraterrestrial joggers. Depicting a tripped-out alien with its third eye beaming through reality, the Trance Joggers will illuminate the dance floor. Put the crowd in a hypnotic trance with these joggers.

Grab iEDM’s Trance Joggers



Magic Mushroom Joggers


Open your mind to new possibilities as you climb your way to mushroom mountain with these psychedelic joggers. The Magic Mushroom Joggers are covered in glowing neon shrooms designed to keep you vibing well into the late night. Stay trippy with these joggers. 

Grab iEDM’s Magic Mushroom Joggers HERE!



Zodiac Constellation Joggers


Discover your divine calling and dance among the stars with the Zodiac Constellation Joggers. Perfect for those immersed in the wondrous world of astrology, these joggers represent the all-knowing power of the universe. Tune in to all that ever was with these joggers. 

Grab iEDM’s Zodiac Constellation Joggers HERE!



Nature’s Candy Joggers

Embrace all that nature has to offer with the Nature’s Candy Joggers. Designed with bold and vibrant floral patterns, these joggers blend the neon colors of EDM with the beauty of the natural world. Express your love for nature with these joggers.

Grab iEDM’s Nature’s Candy Joggers



Signs of Peace Joggers


Let the squad know you're all about those peace, love, and wubz with the Signs Of Peace Joggers. Covered in retro-tripped-out peace signs, these joggers are designed for those ravers and hippies alike. Give peace a chance with these one-of-a-kind joggers. 

Grab iEDM’s Signs Of Peace Joggers HERE!



Energy Flow Joggers 

The key to conquering those late-night sets is to stay warm and energized. The Energy Flow Joggers are not only perfect for lower temperatures but will keep you moving and grooving all night long. Keep the energy flowing with these epic joggers.

Grab iEDM’s Energy Flow Joggers HERE!



Ravetivity Joggers

As the cotton candy skies fade to darkness, stay warm with the Ravetivity Joggers. With majestic hues of purples and blues, these joggers will, without a doubt, turn heads at any stage you venture to. Stay vibey with these colorful joggers.

Grab iEDM’s Ravetivity Joggers HERE!



Happy Tabs Joggers


Smile through the night and spread those good vibes with The Happy Tabs Joggers. These yellow joggers covered in trippy smiley faces will surely brighten anyone's mood! Dive into euphoria with these gleaming joggers. 

Grab iEDM’s Happy Tabs Joggers HERE!



Void Vibes Joggers

Let the deep bass blast you into the void with these dynamic joggers. The Void Vibes Joggers portray cosmic tones of orange and red spheres against an all-black background for a mysterious and alluring look. Lose yourself in the late-night abyss with these joggers. 

Grab iEDM’s Void Vibes Joggers



Equalizer Beats Joggers

Channel the frequencies of sound with these bass-boosted joggers. The Equalizer Beats Joggers depict sonic waves that connect you to the music like never before. Become the best with these groovy joggers. 

Grab iEDM’s Equalizer Beats Joggers HERE!


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