10 Festival Outfit Essentials For Coachella 2020

| April 11, 2019

Coachella is on top of the bucket list for many people as their must-see music festival. The highly-coveted event is renowned for its eye-opening music and celebrity presence. It is also the ultimate destination when it comes to showcasing festival style. Trendsetters save their most daring and iconic looks for this event and it is often a source of inspiration for the rest of festival season.

If you are one of the lucky ones planning on attending this year’s event in April, now is the prime time to start planning your outfits! You can stand out and look stunning while having the time of your life in iEDM Apparel. Our high quality rave wear and accessories are known for being stylish and unique reflections of EDM culture. So, if you are ready to take Coachella 2020 by storm with some amazing looks, shop some of favorite outfit and accessories below!


10. Bodysuits


Our bodysuits can also be used as swimsuits so you will be prepared to handle anything that the weather throws at you while at Coachella. The entrancing designs in our collection have psychedelic and euphoric patterns that are sure to turn heads. You can pair them with one of our leggings if it gets cold at night and you will have the perfect festival look!

Check out the Bender Bodysuit (shown above) HERE.




9. Crop Tops

Trippy crop tops are a staple in EDM fashion. Our selection is filled with mesmerizing must haves. The flowy sublimated fabric is soft and breathable making it perfect for the hot desert climate of Coachella valley.

Check out our Crop Top Collection HERE for intricate prints and fashion inspiration!




8. Hydration Packs 

Staying hydrated is key to being healthy and having enough energy to make it through the nonstop partying that Coachella is known for. Hydration Packs are stylish and make staying hydrated and happy effortless, so they are a must have for Coachella or any festival! Our collection has playful and bold designs that come in multiple sizes!

Find your new Hydration Pack HERE




7. Men’s Shorts

iEDM’s Men’s Short's Collection has both vivid and bright prints along with darker and deeper colors for whatever mood you are going for. Whether you want to make people laugh with hilarious pizza shorts or go for a more intergalactic vibe with a galaxy print, there are endless options to choose from!

Buy the Dreamstate Weekend Shorts pictured above HERE




6. Men’s Tanks

Our tank tops will be your best friend through the sweltering California heat. The surreal artwork is created by incredibly talented artists so it reflects the artistic aspects of festival culture in a beautiful way.

You can find the tank pictured above, Galaxy In My Palm Tank HERE




5. LED Gear

The Glow Factory Collection is your one stop shop for all your LED toy and accessory needs. From space whips to poi with programmable colors, you can let your inner creativity effortlessly shine and flow.

Find your new favorite Glow Toy HERE




4. Kaleidoscope Glasses 

If you have ever used kaleidoscope glasses at a show or festival, you know that the moment you put them on it completely transforms the scene into a vibrant and psychedelic landscape. There are aviator, round, and square styles available in a variety of frame and lens colors. The production at Coachella is massive so experiencing it through these glasses are a must.

Check out iEDM's Festival Eyewear Collection HERE




3. Bandanas

The dust at Coachella Valley is no joke so a bandana from our collection is essential to survive and prevent yourself from inhaling it. The cosmic and mandala inspired designs will add a mysterious and edgy look to any festival outfit.

Check out our selection of Bandanas HERE and Bandana Masks HERE.  




2. Light Up Sneakers

LED sneakers will take your Coachella looks to the next level and make you and your dance moves the center of attention! You can control the colors through an app and choose from high or low top styles. They are currently on sale so be sure to snag some as soon as possible!

Find your new LED Dancing Shoes HERE




1. Glow Fur 

Blazing hot days at Coachella are often accompanied with chilly nights so if you want to stay warm in style, our Glow Fur Collection has plenty of options for you. There are shrugs, dusters, boas, and a full length faux fur coat and they all have color changing technology. You can also get a light up animal hood if you want to go back to your old-school raver roots.

Browse all our Glow Fur Picks HERE



Coachella is just around the corner, so browse the iEDM Coachella Collection HERE for your outfit inspirations. 


For more festival styles, visit our specially curated Festival Season Collection HERE.  



Stay up to date on the latest Coachella News and other Festival Announcements with our Festival News HERE!

Check out our Artist Interviews HERE for exclusive interviews and content from your favorite electronic music artists!

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