10 Festival Outfit Picks For Electric Forest 2018

| June 13, 2018

Electric Forest is our favorite camping festival that takes place on a magical property in Michigan that features an enchanting pine forest that is transformed into a glowing playground. It’s like you’re in a world of Avatar with astronomical art installations.

What makes Electric Forest so unique is it’s inspiring nature vibes. It’s fun to join the spirit of this awe-inspiring event with creative festival outfits. You can be anything you want in the Forest. From a fairy to your favorite animal, we recommend playing on the vibe and rock rave wear that adds to the fun.

Here are 10 electric forest outfit picks:


1. Watch Over Me Crop Top

The Watch Over Me crop top is a perfect design for Forest. Previous years, there has been an owl installation in the middle of the Forest with amazing laser production. Owls are majestic wise creatures that are nocturnal and watches it’s Forest from the trees. Owls are also a totem for the Insomniac brand, which is one of the companies that puts on Electric Forest.

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2. Hologram Pika Tank 

This Pika may just be at Electric Forest already, being blown away by all of the lovely colors shooting through the trees. The 90's babies grew up on Pokémon and are notorious for showing that 90's pride. Hologram Pika is the ultimate way to do that. 

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3. Plurmaid Mini Hydration Pack 

Stay hydrated in style with this Dan-Pak sent straight from mermaid heaven. Sequins in the clear shell even bounce around as you dance, so the harder you dance the more sparkly it gets. It has a butterfly mouthpiece, features two mini zipper pockets on the front, and doubles as a backpack. 

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4. Owl Hoodie

What better to wear in the forest than forest creatures? The creativity put into this will add to the experience of everyone who sees it. It's essentially wearing a breathtaking piece of art on your woodsy adventure. Of course, wearing anything with an owl on it to an insomniac supported event makes sense too. It can get a little chilly at night, and this is the best way to bundle up. 

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5. Luminescence Sunglasses

These battery powered bad boys will light up your night and give you a little shade if the light shows become a little much. You can keep the colors solid or choose from two flash speeds. There is also a sound activated BPM detector that will sink the flash to whatever music is playing, even if it is from far away speakers. 

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6. Wonderland Crop Top

A little rave kitty lost in wonderland is what I plan to be the entire time I'm in the forest. Crop tops are one of the most convenient articles of clothing due to the fact that they are comfy, colorful, cool, and they go with basically anything, shorts, leggings, pants, skirts, sandal, boots, sneakers, etc. 

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7. Cosmic Leggings

The shear detail on these blow minds anywhere they are worn. Not only are they nice and snug, but they look amazing. It's a two in one deal that isn't always easy to find when it comes to fashionable clothing. Wearing the electric sky is an ideal pick for forest outfits. 

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8. Sugar Skull Neck Gaiter 

Wearing this will have people getting lost in your face. Easily, this can be worn around your neck pulling it up and down as you'd like. Air can get dusty where there are tens of thousands of festy gods and goddesses running around having the time of there lives. A neck gaiter is the way to go.

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9. Dreamstate Weekend Shorts

Weekend shorts are a great way to stay cool in the summer sun. These in particular show off your spirally enlightened side, making it a must for Electric Forest. The flower of life represents all that's living, which is everything in the forest from trees to attendees. 

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10. Meditating Rafiki Tank 

Really, who doesn't relate to Rafiki? He always has something incredibly wise but simple to say, and we should all just listen. Take him on all of your festy adventures and make a story worth telling, because "Any story worth telling is a worth telling twice." - Rafiki

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You can find all of this and much more on iEDM. We've got you covered for all of your summer fun with clothing collections that are out-of-this-world. It's where you can find the hottest rave wear and dopest rave accessories. Check out the Electric Forest Collection HERE.

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