10 Hoodies That Make Us Excited for Fall

| September 12, 2016

Sweater weather is on its way. Luckily we at iEDM have come prepared for the autumn winds. Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean you have to stop looking out of this world.

Whether you want to make a political statement, express your cosmic vibrations, or rep your favorite Pokemon, iEDM has all the fashion hoodies for the upcoming cold weather.

Slip your arms into a bundle of warmth and hood your eyes with a coif fit for a King or Queen. Here's our top list of hoodies making us excited for Fall. 

1. Esoteric Hoodie

Is this hoodie even real? What is the nature of time and space? How is any of this even possible? Feeling cold on a cool autumn day? Journey to the questioned life in style. 

2. Nebula Necessity 

Surf the celestial intergalactic wave with a deep piercing color of red hues and unparalleled comfort. Let the heat waves warm you. 

3. Fantastic Flag 

The culture is all about unity. What better way to display your world attitude than to wear the world's combined flags onto one hoodie. 

4. Handheld Hoodie

Get a handle on your childhood days. This handheld retro video game controller hoodie is all you need to reminisce over those nostalgic nights. 

5. Unified Unicorn 

We're all special snow flakes.. er unicorns right? How about a Unicorn spewing rainbow colored paint to start out a cool fall day. 

6. Wandering Waves

It even gets a bit chilly on the beach sometimes. No matter where you are, hitting up the surf or watching the lights go by, you'll need a little bit of California Comfort here. Get wavey with the ocean on your soul.

7. Internet Inclusion 

You guys ever hard about this world wide internet thing? Get hip and with it you young web surfing kids. Nothing's better than some old school web surfing.

8. Northern Nanny 

How about some good old fashioned propaganda. A picture of the "great leader" standing right in front of his wildest dreams

9. Pizza Pizzazz 

Careful running around in these digs, you just might get eaten up. Wear the worlds favorite food and eat some pizza while you're at it. 

10. Wormhole Warm

Let's bend the time-space continuum and see if we can fit ourselves into a warm fantasy of inter-dimensional travel.

Express Yourself

Clothing is all about expression and iEDM has got you covered. Check out the full iEDM hoodie collection here. And if hoodies aren't your thing, don't worry, pull-over styles are available too.



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