10 Items to Refresh Your Rave Wardrobe in 2023

| December 29, 2022

With 2023 arriving, it is crucial to revamp your rave wardrobe in preparation for renowned festivals like BPM Festival, EDC Las Vegas, Skyline LA, and many more. Pushing the boundaries of electronic music-based art, iEDM has an extensive array of countless new rave wear and accessories to upgrade your wardrobe. Whether you need a trippy sweatshirt for an outdoor event or a new blanket for a camping festival, iEDM's must-haves are perfect for you ravers searching to upgrade your festival fashion.

Check out 10 Items to Refresh Your Rave Wardrobe in 2023 below.

Enlightened Path Bandana Mask

Paying homage to ancient Chinese and Japanese architecture, this psychedelic face mask is a must-have for any rave. With captivating swirls of magenta, fiery orange, and black in the background, the graphic displays a beautiful temple from centuries ago. Take a spiritual journey to the past when you wear iEDM's Enlightened Path Bandana mask.


Buy the Enlightened Path Bandana Mask HERE!



Midnight Garden Leggings

These mesmerizing pair of leggings is the perfect option for an outdoor concert or festival. The vivid flowers are layered with a soothing blend of magenta, teal, dark blue, and lavender. They stand out amongst the pitch black background, creating an optimal level of balance in the design. Try these leggings on and instantly become more in sync with the natural world around you.

Buy the Midnight Garden Leggings HERE!



Future Bass Joggers

Future bass is one of the most intriguing and innovation genres in the electronic space. Yet, no one has ever transformed the genre into an optical design until now. Mixtures of white, blue, and pink ripple throughout the apparel. These joggers are extremely comfortable as well, both physically and visually.

Buy the Future Bass Joggers HERE!



Feather Mandala Vibe Drop Cut T-Shirt

One of iEDM's newest forms of rave fashion is its drop cut t-shirts. With incredibly strong fabric, these shirts undergo a heat-dye application that resists any fading or bleeds of the design. This shirt's feather mandala graphic is full of intricate geometric patterns with eye-catching colors. Its wearer will automatically give off a peaceful and positive vibe to fellow ravers.

Buy the Feather Mandala Vibe Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE!



Jurassic Graphic Long Sleeve

Whether you're a jurassic park fan or not, it is impossible to deny the amazing aesthetics of iEDM's Jurassic Graphic Long Sleeve. The design features a staggering of identical vibrant T-Rex heads. Embody the ferocity and high-energy of this shirt and you are sure to light up the dance floor.

Buy the Jurassic Graphic Long Sleeve HERE!



Purple Holographic Fanny Pack

It is safe to say that every rave squad needs at least one member with a dope fanny pack. Carry your personal items around in style with this brand new reflective purple fanny pack. There is no cooler alternative to keep your wallet and phone from being lost while having the time of your life.

Buy the Purple Holographic Fanny Pack HERE!



Color Changing Light-Up Faux Fur Unicorn Hood

Arguably iEDM's hottest item right now, this color changing unicorn hood is the best way to spice up your rave wardrobe. With pockets at the ends to keep your hands warm at night, you can playfully shuffle in style when wearing this masterpiece. The glowing lights change colors and will attract admirers from throughout the crowd.

Buy the Color Changing Light-Up Faux Fur Unicorn Hood HERE!



Lucid Owl Sweatshirt

An artistic phenomenon, iEDM's Lucid Owl design emulates a serene aura to anyone who comes in contact with it. The lifelike shiny blue owl is duplicated in a riveting mirror design, with splashes of water surrounding it. Stay cozy and look awesome while doing so with this trippy sweatshirt.

Buy the Lucid Owl Sweatshirt HERE!



Green Psychedelic Nebula Cloud Shorts

Although it is fairly simple, this interstellar design has a calming effect on the mind, body, and spirit. Cloud shorts are another new addition to iEDM's rave wear collection and are named that for a reason. These shorts' 100% pure polyester material is as soft as cotton and will feel like you are floating in the clouds. One look at these celestial cloud shorts and you will be hypnotized. 

Buy the Green Psychedelic Nebula Cloud Shorts HERE!



Toxic Sloth Plush Blanket

Camping festivals such as Suwannee Hulaween and WAKAAN Fest are coming up soon and it's crucial that you prepare accordingly. After a full day of nonstop raving it will be nice to cozy up in your tent with the Toxic Slush Plush Blanket. The hallucinatory image depicts a melting sloth with a lucid mint green background, forging a brilliant work of art.

Buy the Toxic Sloth Plush Blanket HERE!



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Upgrade your rave closet this 2023 with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!


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