10 Matching Outfit Ideas For Gifting Your Favorite Raver

| January 11, 2019

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it so now is the time to look for a meaningful gift for your raving partner in crime! If you’re looking for a gift that expresses your appreciation and want it to be something truly memorable, why not change it up this year and get something that both of you can enjoy? Our matching outfit combinations feature surreal artwork on ultra-soft fabric with options available for both men and women.

These bold designs will make you stand out as the power couple you are at your next rave or event! There are hoodie, sweatshirt and T Shirt options available and they all come with matching joggers. There really isn’t anything better than a gift that can be shared and cherished together. Here are some of our favorite outfit options below you can choose from!



1. Acid Tiger




Our acid tiger hoodie and jogger combo is made up of an eye-catching neon tiger design. An outfit this daring is ideal for artistically inclined couples who appreciate psychedelic inspired art!




2. Galactic Dragon Scale




The galactic dragon prints deep violet color along its starry scale pattern is a gorgeous design that anyone would love. The deeper colors can be worn in both a casual setting or music event making it very versatile.




3. Neverland





Neverland is a T Shirt and Joggers outfit for those of you that may live in a warmer climate or are not interested in matching hoodies. The ethereal flower design is one of a kind and can be worn and appreciated years to come so it beats the standard bouquet of flowers gift idea any day!




4. Sonic Blossom




This euphoric purple design is an awe-inspiring gift that your partner in crime will never forget. The psychedelic pattern will mesmerize anyone in your vicinity and show that you are both a force to be reckoned with.



5. Floral Skull




If you and your significant other prefer edgy looks then the floral skull set is a great choice for you. The delicate roses and flowers blooming from the skull symbolize the ability for growth and triumph to emerge from any circumstance, giving this stylish look an inspiring message.




6. Supine




The swirls of teal and fuchsia form an elegant symphony of colors in the Supine outfit combo. You can wear the complete set or pair the T shirt with one of our leggings and the joggers with one of our amazing hoodies for a more abstract look. The possibilities are endless with this print!




7. Awake



Awake features a mandala pattern with a striking red eye as the center point. The red and teal also give it a trippy 3D effect making it perfect for a rave or festival.




8. Dream Waves




The enthralling hues in the Dream Waves outfit set would look stunning on anyone and is the perfect option for couples that prefer not to wear bright and intense colors that some of the other designs have. However if you want to play up this outfit you can always accessorize with exclusive products from our Glow Factory Collection.




9. Nice Ice Baby



Beat the cold while looking fresh in this Arctic-inspired outfit. If you want to go all out with this look you can also get on our LED Sneakers to completely match!




10. Supp Succulent




The Supp Succulent hoodie and joggers combination oozes tropical vibes but has an eccentric twist with its bright colors. The splashes of deep blue along with the vivid yellows and pinks come together in a beautiful way. If you and your significant other love nature then this is an awesome matching outfit for you!


Check out our Essentials Collection HERE for more useful and unique gift ideas for this Valentine's Day!


Want to plan the perfect festival getaway with your significant other? Check out iEDM's Festival News HERE for updates on the greatest festivals in the world to start planning!


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