10 Men’s Rave Shirts for EDC Las Vegas

| April 12, 2019

EDC Las Vegas is one of the most renowned EDM festivals in the world and is a bucket list event that every electronic music fan should experience. The festival is taking place on May 17-19 and is known for its extravagant art installations and world class performances. It is also famous for the amazing festival fashion and trends you can find there.

Each year has a distinct theme which keeps things interesting and consistently draws attendees back in for a new adventure. This year’s theme is kineticENERGY and the festival outfit possibilities have limitless potential!

If you want to bring your festival style to the next level, iEDM’s rave wear has exactly what you need! Our men’s shirt collection is packed with versatile prints on soft material that is perfect for Vegas weather. They can also be worn by women for a cute T-shirt dress shirt look!

Check out our guide for 10 of our favorite shirts below for the ultimate EDCLV looks!


10. DJ Groot



There is celestial inspired art everywhere at EDC from the cosmicMeadow to beyond. What better way to rep it than with a shirt featuring an intergalactic set from DJ Groot himself? The bright print is an ideal fit for EDC’s space vibes.

Grab your DJ Grout Shirt HERE!



9. Meditating Rafiki



This ultra-soft tank top is adorned with our childhood hero Rafiki caught in a moment of peace and another wise message for us all – bitch don’t kill my vibe. Not only is it culturally relevant with the Lion King remake coming out this year but is also vibrant and hilarious.

Grab your own Meditating Rafiki Top HERE!



8. Eyecopi


Eyecopi is a dazzling work of art with a captivating eye surrounded by rainbow splashes of color. It is bound to capture attention and appreciation from fellow EDC fam.

The Eyecopi T-Shirt is available HERE!



7. Splatter Alien


Staying true to the EDC’s extraterrestrial roots, Splatter Alien is a mesmerizing print with a multicolored alien and its third eye wide open. Alien inspired art and fashion are a huge part of festival culture and this shirt puts a creative twist on it.

Grab your very own Splatter Alien Shirt HERE!



6. Free Fall


Free Fall is one of the most spectacular designs from our collection. It tells a story of a man descending from the confines of a cityscape into a mysterious yet blissful galaxy.

Shop our Free Fall Shirt HERE!



5. Bill Hye Thug Life


There couldn’t be a more fitting shirt for this year’s EDC than the Bill Hye Thug Life shirt. Not only did American hero Bill Nye announce this year’s EDCLV theme, but he will also be hosting the opening ceremony at cosmicMEADOW! It will definitely be a historic moment for the festival and wearing this shirt there is an awesome way to celebrate it.

The Bill Hye Thug Lyfe Shirt is available HERE!



4. Cheshire Cat 

Cheshire Cat is a vivid and trippy design by California based visual artist Dayno. The entrancing eyes and signature grin of the cat gives it undeniable character. Pair it with one of our men’s joggers for a complete festival look!

Grab your Cheshire Cat Shirt HERE! 



3. Funkadelic


The oil spill inspired print on the Funkedelic shirt is covered with whirls of breathtaking hues. The sublimated printing our shirts undergo will insure that the art will be as bold and attention grabbing as possible.

The Funkadelic Shirt is available HERE!



2. T-Rex Vision

T-Rex Vision is a carnivorous spin of Pink Floyd’s infamous Dark Side of the Mood. This skateboard loving and rainbow breathing T-rex is easily the coolest dinosaur that ever existed.

You can get your T-Rex Vision Shirt for EDC HERE!



1. DJ Paws

DJ Paws is an adorable kitten with a fierce appetite for pizza and undying love for bass music. Wear this shirt to have this iconic rave kitten by your side for all your EDCLV adventures!

Our DJ Paws Tank Top is available HERE!



EDC Las Vegas will be here before you know it so shop iEDM's exclusive Rave Wear HERE to look your best!



Go all out with your festival outfits at EDC with accessories from our Glow Factory HERE!



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