10 Men’s Rave Outfits For Summer

| April 23, 2022

Rave fashion is known for its unapologetic expression of style and passion. iEDM is constantly pushing boundaries with its high-quality wearable art. If you are a guy looking to elevate your ravewear game, you simply need an iEDM outfit in your life. iEDM's matching men's outfits feature surreal designs on soft, breathable fabric. From psychedelic-inspired art to humor and pop culture, iEDM has something for every vibe. There are options with tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, and joggers available so you can switch it up based on the weather. A matching set takes the stress out of outfit planning and will help you represent your best self with ease. Many of our prints are available in both men’s and women’s sets if you want a matching couples outfit. Whatever you desire, there is no doubt that iEDM makes will make it effortless for you to stand out in the crowd. 


Check out iEDM's 10 Men’s Rave Outfit Combos below.



Dream Waves T-Shirt And Joggers Combo

The Dream Waves T-Shirt And Joggers Combo has a stunning design of a mesmerizing night sky. Bursts of aqua and midnight blue clouds surround you in this one of a kind print. This is perfect if you are into more abstract prints along with bold colors.


Get the Dream Waves T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!



Neon Rift T-Shirt And Shorts Combo

Show of your artistic side in the colorful paradise of the Neon Rift T-Shirt And Shorts Combo. The vibrant shades are captivating in this paint pour inspired pattern. The contrasting colors give it a 3D effect which would be amazing under the lights and lasers at your next show. This is a great outfit for a festival such as EDC.


Get the Neon Rift T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!



Patrick Star T-Shirt And Joggers Combo

If you have a playful sense of humor and want to show your love for an iconic Nickelodeon show, choose the Patrick Star T-Shirt & Joggers Combo. The shirt features Patrick Star with an absolutely epic look on his face and the bottoms are his classic shorts. You are sure to garner attention and laughs with this outfit.


Get the Patrick Star T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!



Holographic Storm T-Shirt And Joggers Combo


Take a trek into the otherworldly depths of the Holographic Storm T-Shirt And Joggers Combo. The artwork shows a trippy geometric inspired design along with a spectrum of colors. This is a great option if you want a psychedelic vibe that is more refined. Wear this at a camping festival such as Summer Camp or Infrasound.


Get the Holographic Storm T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!



Awakening Tank And Shorts Combo 


The Awakening Tank And Shorts are composed of blossoming fractals that shine bright against the butter soft fabric. It has a purple red and gradient that is truly unique and enchanting. The sharp imagery makes it an outstanding example of wearable art.


Get the Awakening Tank And Shorts Combo HERE!



Dreamstate T-Shirt And Joggers Combo


Every black and white minimalist needs the Dreamstate T-Shirt And Joggers. The cutting-edge print is rooted in gorgeous symmetry. We can picture this as a go to outfit for a techno head or G Jones lover. Wherever you wear it, you are bound to make a statement.


Get the Dreamstate T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!



Novacane T-Shirt And Joggers Combo


We are in love with the earthy tones of the Novacane T Shirt And Joggers. The enthralling cosmic artwork has a glimmering effect with its iridescent white background. This outfit demonstrates that even softer colors can have a magical impact.


Get the Novacane T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!



Amazed Cat Tank And Shorts Combo


Find yourself immersed in an interstellar vortex with the Amazing Cat Tank Top & Shorts. This isn’t your average space inspired print. It features an adorable kitten that can steal any soul with its hypnotic eyes. This is the choice for you if you want to express your love for cats in style. 


Get the Amazed Cat Tank And Shorts Combo HERE!



Endless Soul T-Shirt And Shorts Combo


The Endless Soul T-Shirt And Shorts has a grungy, nostalgic vibe. The skull design with floral touches is paired with subdued shades. If you are into heavier music or want to have an edgy look, this is a great option for you.


Get the Endless Soul T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!



90s Filtered T Shirt & Shorts Combo


Pay homage the decade that shaped us all with the 90s Filtered T-Shirt And Shorts. This classic look is sure to bring back memories and makes a unique conversation starter. The low key print is a good choice if you don’t want to be too flashy yet still tell a story with your outfit.


Get the 90s Filtered T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!



Gear up for festival season with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!


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