10 Men's Rave Tanks For Summer

| May 02, 2022

As we get closer to the hottest months of the year, a much needed revamp of your wardrobe should be in full effect. There is no better way to prepare your fits thank with some iEDM tank tops. Shine throughout the summer iEDM's collection of festival tanks and muscle tanks to keep you cool and stylish wherever you rave.


Check out iEDM’s 10 Men’s Tanks For Summer below.



American Rave Flag Tank Top

Show off your patriotism while simultaneously looking like a rockstar with the American Rave Flag Tank. The sleeveless shirt has the same basic layout of the American flag but is black and white. The stripes produce an exciting image of a packed crowd throwing their hands up in the air. Confetti rains down from the bright sky onto the ravers. Bring the party with you anywhere you go with this tank!


Buy iEDM's American Rave Flag Tank HERE!



Astronaut Graphic Tank Top

Everyone needs a trippy astronaut tank top. The Astronaut Graphic Tank is an ideal option when hitting the club with some friends. Surrounded by darkness, is an astronaut with a hot pink and bright yellow waterfall pouring from the top of his helmet. The tank's graphic centerpiece will draw in new companions and admirers at any venue.
Buy iEDM's Astronaut Graphic Tank HERE!



To Infinity And The Palms Tank

Go on a tropical vacation when you throw on this coastal tank top. A beautiful sunset shines down on the ocean, giving it an orange glow. Stripes with white specks fly across the sky and palm tree silhouettes spring up from the bottom of the tank. The To Infinity And The Palms Tank is perfect for a relaxing day on the beach.


Buy iEDM's To Infinity And The Palms Tank HERE!



Fear And Loathing Tank

The incredible Fear And Loathing Tank is an instant classic. Inspired by the 1998 cult film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, this shirt embodies the psychedelic adventure that the main character Raoul (played by Johnny Depp) goes on during the film. A gritty-looking man stares out at you. The combination of his eccentric button down, reflective glasses, bucket hat, and the desolate Mojave Desert background will transform this tank's owner into a complete badass. 


Buy iEDM's Fear And Loathing Tank HERE!


Galactic Valley Tank

If you plan on going to an outdoor concert or festival this summer, you should snag one of iEDM's Galactic Valley Tanks. A fluorescent night sky looms over a V-shaped Evergreen Forest that spreads the width of the top. Set a chill vibe for your rave squad when repping this summer tank.


Buy iEDM's Galactic Valley Tank HERE!


Wonky Vision Men's Tank 

Words do not do this tank justice. The design is a mind-bending distortion that will make its viewers pinch themselves in disbelief. When split down the middle, the tank top is symmetrical with its multicolored complex patterns. Don't waste too much time staring in amazement, order one so that you can see the Wonky Vision Tank up close. 


Buy iEDM's Wonky Vision Tank HERE!


Darkness Muscle Tank

When it comes to iEDM's muscle tanks, the Darkness Muscle Tank is a fan favorite. This graphic features a variety of flowers and leaves stacked on top of each other. Each flower is captivating in its own way and brings a special contribution to the overall picture. Wearing this tank will prove you’re ready to get down and dirty to some funky beats.


Buy iEDM's Darkness Muscle Tank HERE!


Acid Tiger Muscle Tank

The Acid Tiger Tank is equally thrilling and intense. A fierce roaring jungle cat is made up of intertwined lime green and teal patterns. The artist behind the tank invites you to open your third eye and embrace your spirituality when gazing at the design. Try not get lost in its hypnotic presence.  


Buy iEDM's Acid Tiger Muscle Tank HERE!


Gold Safari Muscle Tank 

For an engaging design, try the Gold Safari Muscle Tank. This pattern is simple yet impactful. Gold sharp-edged stripes slice through the pure white background. This tank resembles a zebra, but the gold creates an eye-catching effect towards its beholder.


Buy iEDM's Gold Safari Muscle Tank HERE!


Interstellar One Muscle Tank

Transport yourself to a different dimension by tossing on this extraordinary Interstellar One Tank. The graphic mimics the blackhole time warp seen in Christopher Nolan's masterpiece known as Interstellar. This chaotic mesh of color will go great with any rave outfit!


Buy iEDM's Interstellar One Muscle Tank HERE!



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