10 Mesmerizing Hooded Blanket Designs

| November 17, 2018

Ever wish you could bring the comfort of your favorite blankets everywhere you go? Well, our Hooded Blankets allow you to do that while letting your creative spirit shine.

These blankets are unbelievably soft and feature vivid artwork from some of the most talented artists in the world. It is useful whether you’re relaxing at home or bundling up for late night adventures at a festival.

They are available in both adult and child sizes making them a gift that is perfect for anyone especially with the holidays coming up! Check out some of our most brilliant pieces below and see what they have to offer!


1. Violet Night



This violet design is undeniably one of a kind with its reflective pattern. The colors give off a soothing aura, making it the ideal blanket to bundle up in on late chilly nights.




2. Skull 49



This prismatic skull design will envelope you in warmth while reflecting your edgy and authentic personality. The black background enhances the playful colors and creates a bold statement.




3. Magna



Fiery red hues collide with enchanting violet shades in this cosmic print. The contrasting colors are a striking look that will look wonderful anywhere.




4. Yin Yang 2



Spread boundless positive energy with this dream catcher blanket. The beautiful yin yang design in the center will keep you both grounded and cozy all winter long.




5. Zebra of the Night



Interstellar skies intertwine with a classic zebra print to create a blanket that is truly out of this world. There is no better way to look both stylish and comfortable!




6. Neverland



The luminous floral print looks absolutely stunning on the ultra-plush fabric of the blanket. Pops of color and detail can be found anywhere you look so chances are you will notice something new every time you use it.




7. Deep Contact



If bright colors aren’t your thing and you are looking to rep unique artwork in a different way then this is definitely the blanket for you. The glittery stars are captivating in their own way and will easily match with your outfit or home décor.




8. Wolfadelic III



For those of you wanting something more psychedelic and rave inspired, the Wolfadelic III blanket suits your needs. The trippy pattern and vivid tones give it a mind-boggling look.




9. Suger Skull



Get lost in the rosy eyed gaze of the intricate sugar skull on this print. The geometric shapes frame the skull and add a colorful flair to the overall look.




10. Wolf



This gorgeous wolf looks regal surrounded by swirls of blush tones. The soft colors paired with the incredible details on this blanket are awe inspiring.


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