10 Must-Have Trippy Joggers

| December 06, 2021

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to give the gift of wearable art with a pair of iEDM Joggers. Whether you're looking to spoil a fellow raver in your life or treat yourself, iEDM’s joggers are a versatile present option. Our joggers are made from microfiber polyester, making them irresistibly soft while showcasing the vivid artwork of your choice. They come with two spacious pockets and are a must-have in your festival fashion wardrobe. A pair of cozy iEDM joggers will definitely come in clutch during chilly concerts and events this winter.


Check out our 10 favorite trippy joggers below.



Trip Nebula Joggers

Dive into bliss with the mesmeric hues of the Trip Nebula Joggers. This entrancing tie-dye design will beautifully complement the chilly winter weather. If you want something colorful that's not too detailed or overpowering, this is a great design for you. 


Get iEDM's Trip Nebula Joggers HERE!



Fire And Ice Galaxy Joggers

Get lost in the interstellar utopia of the Fire And Ice Galaxy Joggers. The fiery skies collide with sapphire cosmic swirls in this stunning pattern. Take a trip to an otherworldly galaxy with these joggers. 


Get iEDM's Fire And Ice Galaxy Joggers HERE!



Funkadelic Joggers

The Funkadelic Joggers are a bright statement that can bring life to any outfit. You can use these abstract rainbow joggers to show your creative side anywhere you go. This design, along with many others, is available in matching graphic tees, so you can create a full-length psychedelic look.


Get iEDM's Funkadelic Joggers HERE!



Space Invasion Joggers

If detailed patterns aren’t your thing and you're looking to channel wearable artwork in a unique way, then opt for our Space Invasion Joggers. The surreal fractals are captivating, thanks to the enticing blue and green colors. These joggers will easily enhance any outfit.


Get iEDM's Space Invasion Joggers HERE!



Purple Rave Drip Joggers 

Purple is the color of royalty and all things exquisitely beautiful. Channel this magical color with our Purple Rave Drip Joggers. Featuring bold splashes of violet and black, this is a great option if you’re looking for joggers that will be easy to match with any of your looks.


Get iEDM's Purple Rave Drip Joggers HERE!



Holographic Hexagon Joggers 

The Holographic Hexagon Joggers are designed with a simple geometric scale pattern amplified by dazzling multicolored hues. The bold print brings it all together, creating an eye-catching look. These joggers are ideal for everyday wear and will easily match with other pieces in your wardrobe.


Get iEDM's Holographic Hexagon Joggers HERE!



Oil Aura Joggers

The Oil Aura Joggers are the ultimate psychedelic experience. The captivating bursts of rainbow swirled against the black and white pattern will help you create an unmatchable vibe. Pair it with the matching hoodie to stay warm and trippy all winter long.


Get iEDM's Oil Aura Joggers HERE!



Blue Galaxy Joggers


This intergalactic design will make you feel like you're wandering through the deepest depths of outer space. The midnight blue sky enveloping the starry pattern printed on the Blue Galaxy Joggers is something that everyone would love. These joggers are a great gift for any male raver in your life.


Get iEDM's Blue Galaxy Joggers HERE!



Galactic Dragon Scale Joggers

The Galactic Dragon Scale Joggers are a gorgeous design that anyone will love. This versatile print features deep violets across a starry scale pattern. Wear these joggers and look stylish anywhere you go, whether it's a casual setting or music event. 


Get iEDM's Galactic Dragon Scale Joggers HERE!



Alien Invasion Joggers 

Alien-inspired art and fashion are a huge part of festival culture and the Alien Invasion Joggers put a creative twist on it. This enthralling all-over print comes to life with multicolored aliens. You're sure to turn heads while wearing these joggers to your next winter rave.


Get iEDM's Alien Invasion Joggers HERE!



Want even more incredible festival fashion? Shop iEDM's Psychedelic Collection HERE for astounding prints and next level looks!


Looking to do some holiday shopping? Check out the 2021 iEDM Gift Guide HERE!

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