10 Must-See Artists At Imagine Festival 2022


| August 15, 2022

Imagine Festival 2022 is only a month away and this year's lineup is swarming with top-tier talent from across the globe like KAYZO, G-Rex, and Kyle Walker to name a few. Pre-parties, pool parties, and special stage takeovers such as the Ophelia Records pre-party and WAKAAN stage takeover dictate the weekend's endless sonic entertainment. We all wish we could be present at two stages at once, so choose your desired set to experience wisely! 


Check out iEDM's 10 Must-See Artists At Imagine Festival 2022 below.




Matthew Lucas, known as PEEKABOO, has quickly become a dubstep Hall of Famer since his first release in 2016. Born and raised in Michigan, he learned to play trumpet (his father played trumpet in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) and guitar before getting into electronic music. His 2018 single "Babatunde" with G-Rex became an instant hit and his two EPs in 2019, Impossible and Wrecking Ball breached the Top Ten of Billboard's Dance/Electronic charts. His heavy bass style is often referred to as space bass or free-form bass and has amassed a huge following. PEEKABOO's been on a tear this year; you will not want to miss hearing songs from his new EP Evil Lair live.



John Summit

If you're a member of the house music community, then you know the name John Summit. This Chicago native has clearly found the recipe to producing tech house bangers, releasing a seemingly endless stream of hits over the last few years, such as "Sun Came Up", "La Danza", and "Human". In 2022, John Summit has toured all over the world, making an appearance at almost every festival, partying in Ibiza, and popping off at famous venues like Club Space in Miami. To add to his accomplishments, he recently launched his own label/event brand 'Off The Grid', which is rapidly growing in popularity. Summit's new track with Guz and Stevie Appleton, "What A Life", is the feel-good song of the summer.




Kaskade needs no introduction. He is a revered veteran of the EDM world, creating timeless classics such as "I Remember" with Deadmau5 and "Flip Reset" featuring WILL K. The Grammy-nominated producer emerged as one of the most successful progressive house DJs of the 2000s, landing Las Vegas residencies and selling out stadiums across the United States. He has released numerous albums and EPs, with some of the most prominent being the Redux and Fire & Ice series. Kaskade's newest project is Kx5, a collaboration with Deadmau5 that has been turning heads since its debut of "Escape" featuring Hayla. Check out this memorable set and get the chance to hear his groovy house track, "Birds of Pardise", which was made public in July.




Combining two of the biggest names in bass house, this dynamic duo is guaranteed to throw it down at Imagine. GHASTLY and JOYRYDE are the perfect fit for each other: both are high-energy producers and DJs who never fail to hype up a crowd. JOYRYDE's BRAVE album in 2020 shook up the entire music industry, establishing a unique sub-genre of house that is much harder and more aggressive in nature. On the other side of the team, GHASTLY's album, Haunted Haus, is one of this year's most creative compilations of music. There is no way to predict what surprises GHOST RYDR has in store for their haymaker of a set.





Porter Robinson is the pioneer of a genre that merges electro house, future bass, and synthpop. Prime examples of his work are "Shelter" and "Sade Machine". Originating from the brilliance of Porter Robinson, Air2Earth is a live-only project focused on sample-driven, tranquil progressive house and airy disco. His alter ego is arguably the rarest and most amazing commodity the electronic realm has to offer right now. The side-project was started in September of last year but the end date is unknown making this an essential set to attend and seize a music experience of a lifetime. 




Like Porter Robinson, multi-talented producer Kaivon has constructed his own style of music, utilizing future bass, elements of trap, and chilling vocals in his tracks. His message is to show off your true self to the world in your individual unique way, which can be seen throughout his music. His primary release "Reborn" in 2016 quickly caught fire and every Kaivon song since has added to his sensational sound. Each year, Kaivon's fanbase can expect a collection of mesmerizing releases. He's kept the tradition going with his newest EP, Hollywood Hills, including four surreal tracks.




Hailing from France, Habstrakt is one of the founding fathers in the bass house community. Most people know him from his chart topping track with Skrillex, "Chicken Soup". However, the LA-based producer has accomplished a ton of impressive feats since then. Habstrakt's blending of visual arts and a gifted sense of aesthetic has gained international attention and the ability to perform at major stages for festivals like Ultra Miami, EDC Las Vegas, and Lollapalooza Paris. And 2022 is no different. Habstrakt has been burning up the dance-floor with singles such as "Eternity", "Like Before", and his remix of ACRAZE's "Do It To It". Prepare yourself for a nonstop bass-fueled performance.




Merging electro-soul, saxophone funk, and electronic music, GRiZ is one of the leading independent artists in EDM today. The Detroit-born superstar has flipped all previous perception and boundaries of music completely upside-down since the birth of his career. Describing his sound as future funk, watching the multi-faceted artist hop between his DJ board and shredding it on the saxophone is utterly spectacular. GRiZ's 7th studio album, Rainbow Brain delivered a breathtaking story to its listeners, filled with hypnotic wubz and synths. See GRiZ in action while he plays this year's jams of "Open Your Mind" and "Feel No Pain" among many other heavy-hitters.




HUGEL is frequently referred to as the "King of Spanish House" and for good reason. The multi-gold and platinum selling artists has accumulated over 760 million streams, while this number continues to skyrocket. Growing up in Marseille, France, HUGEL learnt how to DJ in St Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco. His house music is inspired by Ibiza and Latin culture, translating to performances at the giant festivals of Tommorrowland, Hangout, and now Imagine. "WTF" featuring Amber Van Day and his remix of "Bella Ciao" are party anthems that can be seen on every DJs playlist. Catch his newest collaboration with Westend and Cumbiafrica, "Aguila", during his set at Imagine.



Brondo B2B LICK

To round out our list, we have two artists who have boosted their dubstep notoriety on an exponential scale. Brondo just released his second studio album, Concrete Jungle, which receives roars from any crowd that hears one of its tracks. Meanwhile, LICK is the ringleader of the Dark Vibe Order, crafting heavy energetic music that has put him on Deadbeats and garnered official remixes for Zeds Dead, Jauz, and more. His new track "Phenomenon" is a riveting production of melodic bass. Strap yourself in and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of intense buildups and deafening drops via this eccentric duo.


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