10 New Rave-Inspired Booty Shorts For Your Next Festival

| April 14, 2023

Ooohhh! It is that time of year again. WE OUTSSIIIDDEEE! The sun is beaming down on and the sweat is just going. Hot AF outside to say the less. So time to strip off them layers and get wet. Time to show off that badass body you been working on all year. Time to work it! Get out of bed turn off Too Hot To Handle and put on your swimsuit. And if you do not have your swimsuit. yet, iEDM has got you covered. 


Check out iEDM's 10 New Rave-Inspired Booty Shorts For Your Next Festival below!


Hippy Trippy Booty Shorts

Peace. Love. Unity Respect. PLUR is what the rave community goes by. With these shorts you will be a symbol for it and show nothing but love with these Hippy Trippy Booty Shorts. These mesmerizing peace signs overlap seamlessly with the purple background. You definitely would attract some superb attention!

Get the Hippy Trippy Booty Shorts HERE!



Kronic Haze Booty Shorts

What an explosion of such vibrant multicolored innovative design! Nothing but good vibes coming your way with the cannabis plant third eye repelling off bad energy. You are guaranteed to either light up the dance floor or be transported to an alternate dimension when you throw on these booty shorts.

Get the Kronic Haze Booty Shorts HERE!





Neon Zebra Portal Booty Shorts

If you love animal print with a mix of psychedelic print, you will need to add these to your cart right now! These shorts have all of that and more. With the collaboration of beautiful colors and the arrangement of patterns this is a go-to option to level up your wardrobe. 

Get the Neon Zebra Portal Booty Shorts HERE!



Chain Reaction Booty Shorts

You will absolutely spread a substantial amount of radiating reactions when you wear the Chain Reaction Booty Shorts. This Aztec design flourishes with the Chain Reaction Crop Top. Great to wear with black tennis shoes to shuffle the night away, or platforms to stomp into the early morning.

Get the Chain Reaction Booty Shorts HERE!



Horizon Trippy Booty Shorts

WARNING! Will put bystanders into a trance; wear at your own risk. How the lasers reflect off of these shorts will be mind-blowing. The intertwining of colors comes together to create a hypnotic illusion pattern. If you are trying to be the center of attention, go ahead and click add to cart because it needs to be in your rave wardrobe.

Get the Horizon Trippy Booty Shorts HERE!



Lotus Beauty Booty Shorts

Namaste. Embark on your spiritual awakening with Lotus Beauty Booty Shorts. It provides a 360 design of magnificent lotus flowers and a woman holding a lotus flower. The fit of the booty shorts accentuate anybody type celestially. Also, a perfect choice to wear for a yoga session at Sol Fest!

Get the Lotus Beauty Booty Shorts HERE!



Galactic Dragon Scale Green Booty Shorts

Get ready to headbang and ride the rail at Forbidden Kingdom with these booty shorts. These shorts have an explosion of vivid-illuminating green dragon scales that are undoubtedly going to draw eyes in your direction. Or more like, break some necks!

Get the Galactic Dragon Scale Green Booty Shorts HERE!



Flutterby Booty Shorts


“You are so pretty! Like sooo pretty! Where did you get those booty shorts because I need them!!” These are comments you should be prepared for when wearing Flutterby Booty Shorts. It has butterflies fluttering front to back through the beautiful black and white flowers. To top it off, adding the White Goggles to your fit would make your look complete.

Get the Flutterby Booty Shorts HERE!



Dreaming of Rainbows Booty Shorts

Let’s sit back, relax, and take a trip to a dreamy wonderland. These shorts will send you back to your most magical childhood dreams. This pair of Dreaming of Rainbows Booty Shorts would be an optimal boost to your EDC Las Vegas fit.

Get the Dreaming of Rainbows Booty Shorts 



Candy Sprinkles Booty Shorts

“I want candy! I want candy!” Love that song, but not as much as these new Candy Sprinkles Booty Shorts. You can never have too much color in your rave closet, so these would be a solid addition. And to make sure you have the cutest festival pics, go ahead and hang up the Candy Sprinkles Tapestry as a backdrop and smile!

Get the Candy Sprinkles Booty Shorts 


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