10 Rave Essentials For Summer Festivals

| March 13, 2022

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare for dancing in the heat. Summer festivals can be harsh on the body, so it’s best to take the warm weather into consideration as early as possible. Aside from the bare necessities, iEDM offers a variety of rave clothing and accessories to make your festival experience more comfortable and fashionable. Whether it’s your first summer festival or your tenth year in a row, being over-prepared is never a concern with iEDM's assortment of summer essentials. When assembling the perfect set of tools and rave wear to survive a summer festival, iEDM has you covered.


Check out iEDM's 10 Rave Essentials For Summer Festivals below.



Glitter Pills Hydration Backpack


A hydration backpack is nothing short of essential, especially when you're spending all day in the sun. It’s important to always have access to a water supply, and the convenience of avoiding carrying or buying a water bottle is a game-changer. The Glitter Pills Hydration Backpack is a perfect example of a smart and stylish way to keep you hydrated. The deep anti-theft pocket allows you to carry your items worry-free, and the butterfly mouthpiece is an adorable touch that makes this bag even more special.


Buy iEDM's Glitter Pills Hydration Backpack HERE!



Mutant Beats Summer Jam Sunglasses

Whether you need to protect your eyes from the sun or the lasers, sunglasses are extremely helpful at any festival. The Mutant Beats Summer Jam Sunglasses are a great way to elevate your look while avoiding ocular damage. These glasses are available in a variety of colors that allow you to match them to your outfit or stand out from the crowd.


Buy iEDM's Mutant Beats Summer Jam Sunglasses HERE!



Life Tones Bandana Mask

A bandana mask is a versatile tool to keep you cool and protected. While functioning as a face mask, this bandana can be dampened to double as a cooling neck wrap. The possibilities are endless the Life Tones Bandana Mask. If this pink and blue tie-dye print doesn’t fit your style, iEDM's Bandana Masks are offered in multiple colors and patterns.


Buy iEDM's Life Tones Bandana Mask HERE!



MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses are an optical treat that can increase the intensity of vibrant festival visuals. The large square shape of the MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses is a unique style that will look great with any outfit and in photos. It’s always fun to see your friends’ reaction when you share these with your group.


Buy iEDM's MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!



Happy Tabs Muscle Tank

Tank tops are a staple piece for any summer outfit. The Happy Tabs Muscle Tank features the perfect print for the season. Bright colors and big smiles are a great way to spread good vibes. Although this print comes in several cuts, the muscle tank is especially flattering and best for keeping you cool.


Buy iEDM's Happy Tabs Men's Muscle Tank HERE!



Wild Berry Halftone Rave Bra

If wearing a bra top is your preference, iEDM has dozens of options. These bras are perfect for a festival during the summer because of their versatility and comfort. The sports bra cut is flattering, while allowing you to dance your heart out without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions. It can be worn on its own, or be layered underneath a muscle tank that will show it off while providing additional coverage. The Wild Berry Halftone Rave Bra is nothing short of mesmerizing, and can definitely function as a statement piece in your outfit.


Buy iEDM’s Wild Berry Halftone Rave Bra HERE!



Daydream One-Piece Swimsuit

It is imperative to dress according to the weather, and the Daydream Swimsuit is the perfect way to do so. This bodysuit is easy to match with other accessories, such as a hat, face mask, or sunglasses. Both high and low-cut styles are available, allowing you to choose the most flattering style for you. Composed of swimsuit-material, you’re free to jump in the pool at a moment’s notice. 


Buy iEDM's Daydream High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit HERE!

Buy iEDM's Daydream Low Cut One-Piece Swimsuit  HERE!



Fractal Groove Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are a great way to increase the flexibility of your attire, allowing you to comfortably enjoy any water features within the festival venue. Luckily, most aforementioned items have swim trunks in a matching print. The Fractal Groove Swim Trunks are a true standout. This incredible pattern deserves to be the star of a festival outfit, and effectively encompasses the ambiance of a legendary event.

Buy iEDM’s Fractal Groove Swim Trunks HERE!



Oil Aura Combos

If you’re looking for a complete outfit quickly, the Oil Aura Combos are a great choice. These men's and women's combos come as a crop top and booty shorts or as a t-shirt and shorts for whatever best fits your style. Get both to create the perfect matching outfit for friends or couples. To add another layer, grab a matching Oil Aura Bandana.


Buy iEDM's Oil Aura Men's T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!

Buy iEDM's Oil Aura Women's Crop Top And Booty Shorts Combo HERE!



Psychedelic Dream Combos


These matching sets are a quick and easy way to create an exciting outfit that is heat-compatible. The Psychedelic Dream Combo features a trendy tie-dye print that is perfect for summer. If you desire a matching mask, the Psychedelic Dream Face Mask is the perfect choice.


Buy iEDM's Psychedelic Dream Men's Tank And Shorts Combo HERE!

Buy iEDM's Psychedelic Dream Women's Tank And Leggings Combo HERE!



Get ready for festival season with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!


For more rave-ready styles, check out iEDM's entire Festival Collection HERE!



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