New Ravers: 10 Rave Essentials to Prepare You for Your First Rave

| March 12, 2023

There is no entertainment experience more memorable than going to your first rave. There is also no way to mentally prepare for its invigorating atmosphere, full of ground-shaking bass, mosh pits, mesmerizing visuals, and spellbinding lasers. However, at iEDM we have all the rave essentials and accessories to create a diverse rave wardrobe before attending your first EDM event. Shock your friends by showing up to your first rave looking like an electronic music veteran as you gear up! 


Check out iEDM's 10 Essentials to Prepare You for Your First Rave below.


Purple Holographic Fanny Pack

One of the most important precautions when attending a rave is to make sure your phone, wallet, and keys are safe at all times. That is why a fanny pack from iEDM is a must-have accessory. Each iEDM fanny pack comes with a vibrant exterior, while many are even reflective like the one above. They also have adjustable straps and multiple storage pockets to keep your personal items safe. Buy your favorite fanny pack from the full Fanny Pack Collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Purple Holographic Fanny Pack HERE!



Aviator Style Kaleidoscope Glasses

Even though the visual production will already be a reality-bending experience, iEDM's Aviator Style Kaleidoscope Glasses will transport you to another dimension. This eyewear is water resistant, uses real glass crystals, and includes a microfiber cleaning case to keep it looking brand new. Share these shades with your friends as you take turns soaking in the kaleidoscope eye candy effects.

Buy the Aviator Style Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!



Trippy Greens UV Light-Up Bucket Hat

If your someone who enjoys bucket hats, iEDM's Trippy Greens UV Light-Up Bucket Hat is the most incredible headwear on the market. Filled with captivating images of multi-colored cannabis leaves, this hat will illuminate the crowd at any venue. Its awesome design is sure to bring fellow stoners your way.

Buy the Trippy Greens UV Light-Up Bucket Hat HERE!



Virtual Reality T-Shirt


At first glance it is obvious that iEDM's Virtual Reality T-Shirt is a great choice for your first rave. In the background is a vivid balance of lime green and black while upfront is a dazzling image that is rather hard to explain. This t-shirt will have partygoers around you questioning their existence as they get lost in its one-of-a-kind graphic.

Buy the Virtual Reality T-Shirt HERE!



Purple Dye Leggings

Although the design may seem subtle, these Purple Dye Leggings are the optimal selection for bottom wear. The silky blend of pinks and blues makes the wearer feel like they are floating in the clouds. In addition to keeping you warm, this pair of leggings has the power to fully relax your mind as you take in the surroundings at your first rave.

Buy the Purple Dye Leggings HERE!



Cosmic Toybox Blanket

Headed to your first camping festival? Do it in style by repping iEDM's Cosmic Toybox Bandana Mask. This ethereal design brings its beholder to a fantasy realm, overflowing with interstellar and natural aesthetics.

Buy the Cosmic Toybox Blanket HERE!



Geometric Vibes Bandana Mask

You may think you know heavy bass music but hearing it live at your first rave will change your entire perspective on dubstep. To immerse yourself in the series mosh pits and headbanging you will need iEDM's Geometric Vibes Bandana Mask. Make sure to pull up this trippy mask while breaking your neck to each drop. The colorful optical illusions will transfer a strong sense of energy and excitement to anyone who sees them. 

Buy the Geometric Vibes Bandana Mask HERE!



Sunset Fractal Tree Hoodie

A fan favorite for iEDM regulars, the Sunset Fractal Tree Hoodie will completely freeze ravers as they stare like deer in headlights. This sweatshirt features a shimmering tree perfect for any rave. The exotic melting pot of neon throughout the hoodie will draw in new friends and admirers.

Buy the Sunset Fractal Tree Hoodie HERE!



Eyes of Darkness Shorts

The graphic speaks for itself. iEDM's Eyes of Darkness Weekend Shorts earned its name for a reason. This riveting picture needs to be worn with caution due to its ability to make hearts stop. Encompassing, a mix of authentic-looking flowers and daunting skulls, one might think that the image is real from across the dance floor.

Buy the Eyes of Darkness Weekend Shorts HERE!



Kitten Tie-Dye Crop Top

Our last essential clothing item for your first rave is arguably the coolest. Look like an absolute boss when you throw on iEDM's Kitten Tie-Dye Crop Top. Showcasing a smooth rainbow background, a kitten is more like the GOAT with their dope all-black shades on. Give off the best vibes imaginable when you wear this eccentric top.

Buy the Kitten Tie-Dye Crop Top HERE!



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