10 Rave Styles For Riddim Lovers

| September 21, 2018

Riddim has been a huge trend of 2018 and the fans continue to grow. It's a niche genre in electronic music that stems from dubstep. It's that grimy, drippy, wompy, head banging rhythms.

Riddim fans love to put on their favorite face mask and head bang so hards you wonder how they aren't actually breaking their necks. The beats melt faces creating the craziest bass faces. 

This meme says it all: 

iEDM has curated a special Riddim Collection for styles that is head banger approved. Here are 10 Rave Styles For Riddim Lovers. 



10. Pixel Pro LED Goggles 


All hail the bass babe Rezz with these LED goggles. Our favorite space mom is always enchanting on stage with her trippy LED goggles. Get yourself a pair and head bang on! 




9. Trippy Felix T-Shirt 


Trippy Felix is making the same face that I make when the bass drop sounds like chainsaws and bubbles. Only real bass heads will understand.




8. Shark Bite Hydration Pack 


It's shark attack time! Throw this fierce hoodie up and rage your face off, all while staying hydrated with 2L of water for the crew. 




7. Dino Shat T-Shirt 


Did you go to Lost Lands? Dinosaur raves are life. This fierce T-Rex is an explosion of color. Excision will do that to you. 




6. Pizza Taco Cat Hoodie 


This space CATdet is loves all my favorite things: pizza, tacos and space music. Catch me at the festival raging with my pizza slice. 




5. Supine Seamless Bandana


This seamless bandana is the optimal rave accessory for bass heads. They will stay in place no matter how hard you dance. Headbangers approved. 




4. Hologram Pika T-Shirt 



90s kids love Pokemon and bass heads love Rick & Morty. This trippy t-shirt combo paired with fishnets for ladies or joggers for guys, will get all the rave outfit love. 




3. Kaleidoscope Glasses - Rainbow


Throw these babies on to immerse yourself in the light show. See the rainbow and ride the rainbow with your rad dance moves. Your festival look is now complete. 




2. Trippy Emoji T-Shirt 


Let the bass hit and melt your face when you're dancing, sweating and raging to Boogie T b2b SQUNTO b2b Ganja White Night. 




1. Space Whip Pro


Space whips are a must for any riddim lover because they are the perfect accessory to whip around and dance with. Find your flow with these color changing fiber optic lights that will have everyone mesmerized. 


Unlike your typical neon raver, Riddim lovers are known for dressing in black, raging hard, and head banging. We have created an entire RIDDIM COLLECTION HERE for go-hard styles. 

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