10 Trending Men’s Rave Swim Trunks For Summer

| July 05, 2022

Summer is here and there is no better time to visit the pool with friends than in one of our riveting swim trunk designs. As the summer solstice has begun, a much needed revamp of your swim trunk collection should already be in full effect. iEDM’s swim trunk selection is the remedy for creating a new lineup of swimwear for summer.


Check out iEDM’s 10 Trending Men’s Swim Trunks For Summer below.



Happy Tabs Swim Trunks


The name speaks for itself. Our Happy Tabs Swim Trunks will ignite a smile on anyone who sees them. The teal and purple curvy stripes are a great background for the yellow smiley faces stacked on one another. These swim trunks give off a retro vibe, almost like the design is straight out of the loading screen from an old Gameboy or Nintendo console.


Buy iEDM's Happy Tabs Swim Trunks HERE!



Vapor Swim Trunks


This vibrant print displays a variety of pink and white flowers painted against a smooth milky backdrop. Show off your taste for luxury when representing this pair of swim trunks. Perfect for a hot, sunny day at a barbeque while tanning near the pool.


Buy iEDM's Vapor Swim Trunks HERE!



Miami Trees Swim Trunks

Take yourself on a psychedelic adventure with these trippy swim trunks. The black silhouettes of the palm trees are a prime contrast with the collage of rainbow swirls behind them. Miami isn’t the only place you can wear this gem; take it with you on summer vacation or wear them at an outdoor venue.


Buy iEDM's Miami Trees Swim Trunks HERE!



POI Goddess Swim Trunks

Our POI Goddess Swim Trunks are arguably the most soothing out of iEDM’s selection. The name comes from the staple food in Hawaii and other islands like Samoa. Culturally, it is connected with Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. The graphic depicts the goddess hovering over a calming sunset as a wave crashes down on the illuminated ocean.


Buy iEDM's POI Goddess Swim Trunks HERE!



Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Swim Trunks

Adore the soothing and soft prints? These vivid trunks balances lime green at the bottom and top with an enticing blue pattern in the middle. These are ideal for a night time adventure at the beach. Take these on your next Groove Cruise for the ultimate party-animal look! 


Buy iEDM's Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Swim Trunks HERE!



Muster Schwarz Swim Trunks

The intricate design on these swim trunks will captivate anyone in your proximity. With a clean white background, the black and grey pattern layered on top makes for a stellar combination. Each overlapping wheel has its own style, some with alternating swirls and others with hypnotic flowers.


Buy iEDM's Muster Schwarz Swim Trunks HERE!



Tundra Candy Swim Trunks

Our Tundra Candy Swim Trunks are very similar to our nuclear tie-dye ones. They are complimentary with any fit and can even be the centerpiece of one. The graphic is a subtle blend of purple, pink, and light blue with swirls throughout--talk about cotton candy sky vibes! 


Buy iEDM's Tundra Candy Swim Trunks HERE!



Fractal Matrix Swim Trunks

Teleport yourself to an alternate dimension when you throw on this pair of enchanting swim trunks. Resembling elements from the blockbuster movie franchise "The Matrix", the design distorts reality and bends time. Open new doors and endless opportunities when you flaunt these beauties.


Buy iEDM's Fractal Matrix Swim Trunks HERE!



Galaxy Vibe Swim Trunks

It is only right that we include a galactic pair of swim trunks on our list. The name defines the bathing suit's illustration perfectly: the galaxy vibe makes its beholder feel like they are floating in outer space. The seamless mix of bright colored auras accompanied by the sea of stars creates an alluring image.


Buy iEDM's Galaxy Vibe Swim Trunks HERE!



Outlook Swim Trunks

Try not to get overwhelmed when examining at this incredible design on our Outlook Swim Trunks. A complex geometrical design lays in the middle of swim trunks, surrounded by a multicolored ring with ancient-looking symbols. The graphic is intricate and indescribable. Instead of attempting to explain this geometrical illusion, show these trunks off to baffle anyone at the event.


Buy iEDM's Outlook Swim Trunks HERE!



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