10 Trippy Face Masks You Need In Your Life

| November 19, 2021

The pandemic has altered the music industry in unimaginable ways. However, festival fashion and creativity continue to thrive. Face masks have become a creative way to channel your inner raver in your daily life. iEDM’s face mask collection showcases vivid festival and rave inspired designs. The masks are made from ultra-soft material that is both comfortable and effective at keeping you safe. The masks have convenient adjustable straps and come with 4 carbon air filters. Their filtration system gets rid of 95% of air particles, making them ultra-protective and reliable.

Purchasing a mask is also a great way to give back because iEDM donates a mask to a hospital in need with every mask sold! If you are a healthcare worker or teacher, you are also eligible for an exclusive discount code. iEDM’s masks are so stylish and convenient they are sure to be a festival fashion staple long after the pandemic ends. They are also an amazing gift idea as the holiday season approaches. Check out our 10 favorite trippy face masks below!



Galactic Dragon Scale Face Mask



The Galactic Dragon Scale design is a simple geometric scale pattern amplified by dazzling deep blue hues. The starry print brings it all together, forming an interstellar dreamscape. The mask is ideal for everyday wear and its colors will easily match with any outfit.


Purchase the Galactic Dragon Mask HERE!



Fractal River Face Mask



If you're looking to add a statement piece to your collection, then the Fractal River face mask is for you. A psychedelic spiral of purples, blues, and greens creates an electrifying optical illusion that is sure to get you noticed. 

Purchase the Fractal River Mask HERE!



Space Invasion Face Mask


Get ready to enter into an intergalactic wonderland with the Space Invasion face mask. Ornamented with a vibrant, kaleidoscope-like design, the Space Invasion mask will bring the perfect pop of cosmic color to any outfit. 

Purchase the Space Invasion Mask HERE!



Dream Waves Face Mask



Get lost in the euphoric swirls of brilliant blues with iEDM’s Dream Waves mask. This mesmerizing design is sure to outshine no matter where you are.


Purchase the Dream Waves Mask HERE!



Down The Rabbit Hole Face Mask



Down the Rabbit Hole is an eye-catching Cheshire cat design featuring a bold grin and hypnotic violet accents. This is the perfect mask for any Alice in Wonderland lover out there and will undoubtedly leave you the center of attention.


Purchase the Down the Rabbit Hole Mask HERE!



Galactic Drip Face Mask



The Galactic Drip face mask is perfect for any fan who loves Life In Color Festival. Colorful and vibrant, this face mask is splattered with every color of the rainbow. With this face mask, you'll be one step ahead of the rest. 


 Purchase the Galactic Drip Mask HERE!



Psychedelic Radiation Face Mask



If you hopped on the paint pouring TikTok trend, then the Psychedelic Radiation face mask is for you. This mask was given the same swirling effect with bright pinks, luscious purples, and vibrant blues. This face mask itself is a work of art. 


Purchase the Psychedelic Radiation Mask HERE!



Galactic Spectrum Face Mask



Have you ever wanted to travel to a galaxy far, far away? Now you can with the Galactic Spectrum face mask. This trippy turquoise and magenta face mask is sure to leave you starry-eyed.  


Purchase the Galactic Spectrum Mask HERE!



Man Trip Face Mask



Man Trip will bring you to other dimensions with its captivating fractal pattern. The electrifying reds and blues are truly stunning. This mask will let you carry a piece of psychedelic inspired art everywhere you go.


 Purchase the Man Trip Mask HERE!



Holographic Scales Face Mask



If you want to go all out with a brilliant and awe-inspiring print, look no further than Holographic Scales. This mask glimmers and shines any time light hits it. This cloth mask is also on sale, making it an unbelievable deal!

Purchase the Holographic Scales Mask HERE!


Want more rave fashion? Check out more of iEDM's huge variety of Bandana Face Masks HERE!


Treat a special raver in your life with a gift from iEDM's Holiday Collection HERE!


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