10 Trippy Swim Trunks For Miami Music Week

| March 08, 2022

After two whole years of cancellations, Miami Music Week is officially returning in 2022. Get ready to immerse yourself in an EDM utopia filled with nightclub raves, boat parties, classic Miami pool parties, and concluding with Ultra Music Festival. It is imperative to showcase your tripped-out swag at the pool, and luckily, iEDM has got you covered. Whether you are lounging poolside before Ultra, raging at a beach club, or cruising the Miami waters, look your best with our all-over print Swim Trunks


Check out iEDM’s 10 Trippy Swim Trunks You Need For Miami Music Week below.


Miami Trees Swim Trunks

Is there anything better than the view of those Miami palm trees? How about those same trees replaced with the dankest bud you can imagine? With a vibrant tie-dye background, the Miami Trees Swim Trunks are perfect for those ravers who just love riding high. 


Buy iEDM's Miami Trees Swim Trunks HERE!



Daydream Swim Trunks

Detach from reality and drift away into otherworldly realms with the Daydream Swim Trunks. Designed with a majestic pink wash and psychedelic ripples, these swim trunks are made for the dreamer within you. Celebrate Miami Music Week in style with these swim trunks. 


Buy iEDM’s Daydream Swim Trunks HERE!



Funkadelic Swim Trunks

If you love bringing the funk like GRiZ or Big Gigantic, check out these dynamic swim trunks splattered with drippy blues, yellows, and pinks. The Funkadelic Swim Trunks are just as trippy as they are funky and will surely bring good vibes wherever you go. Wear these trunks while grooving at a pool party or catching rays at the beach. 


Buy iEDM’s Funkadelic Swim Trunks HERE!



Magical Balance Swim Trunks

Walk along the tight rope of the cosmos as you balance yourself between reality and illusion with the Magical Balance Swim Trunks. With an array of colorful mandalas and sacred geometrical patterns, these swim trunks are designed with the spiritual warrior in mind. Soak up the sun and the collective consciousness with these swim trunks. 


Buy iEDM’s Magical Balance Swim Trunks HERE!



Retro Peace Symbol Swim Trunks

You can’t say P.L.U.R without peace. The Retro Peace Swim Trunks put a modern neon twist on the classic peace sign from the sixties. Embrace your inner hippie and stay trippy with these swim trunks. 

Buy iEDM’S Retro Peace Swim Trunks HERE!


Cosmonaut Swim Trunks

Balance your chakras and align yourself with the way of the universe with this cosmic design. The Cosmonaut Swim Trunks depict a cosmonaut meditating in deep space surrounded by bright stars and colorful nebulas. Without a doubt, these swim trunks will surely be a hit. 

Buy iEDM’s Cosmonaut Swim Trunks HERE!



Boots N Cats Swim Trunks

Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats. With neon pink and blue cats and boots spread throughout, the Boots N Cats Swim Trunks not only look fresh, but they go to the beat. Become the life of the party with these swim trunks. 


Buy iEDM’s Boots N Cats Swim Trunks HERE!



The Claw Swim Trunks

Sometimes we need to embrace our inner child. The Claw Swim Trunks depict a tripped-out version of the three-eyed alien from Toy Story. Rock the party with these swim trunks but be prepared for your fellow ravers to run up to you and promptly say “The Clawww.”


Buy iEDM’s The Claw Swim Trunks HERE!



Galaxy Vibe Swim Trunks JTT

Follow the vibe and soar to places you could only imagine with this interstellar design. The Galaxy Vibe Swim Trunks will blast you into space as you explore the inner workings of the cosmos. You’ll be thriving in both the universe and Miami with these swim trunks. 


Buy iEDM’s Galaxy Vibe Swim Trunks HERE!



Outlook Swim Trunks

Deconstruct reality and soar across multiple dimensions with this vibrant psychedelic design. The Outlook Swim Trunks are filled with sacred geometry, hieroglyphics, and electrifying colors. Wow your rave fam and broaden your outlook on life with these swim trunks. 

Buy iEDM’s Galaxy Swim Trunks HERE!


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