The Artist You Need to Know: Madeon

| June 02, 2016

Whether you’re new to the EDM scene or an OG raver, now is the time that festival lineups are starting to drop left and right. While you’re looking for your favorite DJ on the list, there is one artist you shouldn’t miss out on seeing at least once this summer- Madeon. If you’re not already familiar with who Madeon is, I can assure you of one thing for certain, you are missing out on of the best DJ’s of our time. He’s been getting tremendous attention lately for his talent, and in our opinion it's completely deserved.

Having been told there would be no success for him in the genre of electronic music, he pursued it anyways to much success. Madeon recently stated that his new album is planning on being released in 2017. This means that soon we can start expecting some new tracks from him. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he started sampling them into some of his sets this summer. In his earlier tracks he focused less on lyrics believing that music can be emotional and make you feel and that lyrics were just nonsense. Ironically enough, his track Nonsense off of his first album is lyrically deep, so it’s safe to assume he no longer feels that way. As an artist he is not afraid to break boundaries, so we can only expect amazing things on his new album.

While it’s not unheard of for an artist to sing on their own track, it’s also not entirely common in the EDM world either. For his first album, Adventure, Madeon sang the vocals for three of his tracks which just emphasized his talent all across the board. As a producer and as an artist, he is a force to be reckoned with. His second album is already being hyped up and we still have about a year to go before it will be released.

If you’re wondering what genre the 21-year-old DJ is categorized in, by definition, he fits under electro-house and pop. However, he’s more of his own genre at this point. Each of his sets is very different from one another with an entirely different sound. One Madeon live set could sound more electro-disco while the next time you see him could be more pop-house. When he gets on stage each time you almost never know what he’ll bring to the table, all you can expect is that it’ll be a great production from start to finish.

There is no denying that Madeon is currently killing the game with his genre breaking music. Whether you’re into trap, trance, techno, dubstep, whatever it may be, there’s a 99.9% chance you will go to one of his sets and walk away amazed. You can scour the internet for hours looking for an “interesting” story about Madeon and chances are you’re not going to find much. However, it’s a miraculous thing to have a DJ, especially so young, be so hell bent on breaking the boundaries with his music, and that might be exactly what EDM needs right now. To hear more from him make sure to check him out on soundcloud and follow him on twitter to keep up with all his newest music!


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