5 Awesome Dragon Ball Z Rave Tops

| July 27, 2015

July has brought us many great things.

In the EDM community, the seventh month of the year brought us Camp Bisco’s controversial debut in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Tomorrowland Belgium. Even though the community was spoiled by awesome festivals this, for some of us July was still defined solely by the return of Dragon Ball Z.

On July 5th, the legendary anime returned in the form of Dragon Ball Super. The series is the first canonical installment in the Dragon Ball Saga in nearly 20 years. That is, if you don’t count this:

Don’t worry, we’re not counting this.

With Majin Buu in the rear view and new enemies on the horizon for our beloved Goku and company, Dragon Ball Super is a must see for all DBZ-heads. Even though the community of Dragon Ball fans are super-saiyan levels of excited for new Goku adventures, they are also in the midst of festival season. Fans of DBZ who also live the EDM lifestyle have schedules that are filled with the best shows of the year, and so they might have to miss an episode or two of Dragon Ball Super as they air.  

Luckily, instead of feeling riddled with guilt for missing Dragon Ball Super while you spread the vibes across the country this festival season, iEDM has a remedy to your dilemma.  With an awesome collection of Dragon Ball Z rave apparel, we are able give you a list of 5 Awesome Dragon Ball Z Rave Tops to rep your fandom with.


5. Goten & Trunks Tank TopDBZ - Goten & Trunks TT

Perhaps no characters in the entire Dragon Ball lexicon are as fun as the tandem of Goken and Trunks. Their comedic relief combined with their ass-kickery make them some of our favorite players in Dragon Ball. They also make for some of our favorite rave clothes! Here, they summon their power similarly to your summoning of vibes at your favorite festivals. 


4. Super Buu Tank Top

Super Buu TT

Even though the new series of Dragon Ball Super is moving on from the infamous villainy of Majin Buu, that doesn't mean you also have to leave the memories alone. This rave tank, which made our list of 10 Rave Tanks That Rock, sports the mean mug of Buu in style. Plus, it's always nice to have rave clothes let those around you know just how crazy you're willing to go at the rave itself! What good are your rave clothes if you're not going rave insaiyan?


3. Kamehameha Tee

DBZ - Kamehameha Tee


Throw this awesome sublimated all over print t-shirt on your back, harness your ki energy, and be prepared to rave your butt off. With Super-Saiyan incarnations of some of our favorite Dragon Ball Z characters, this rave shirt is a must kamehame-have (see what I did there?). 


2. Please Hold Tank Top

DBZ - Please Hold TT

The spirit bomb may be an attack in accordance to Dragon Ball Z lore, but we here at iEDM like to think the spreading of vibes at festivals is the PLUR equivalent of a spirit bomb. With that being said, charge up yours and put everyone on notice with this rave tank - a strong spirit bomb is coming soon!


1. Frieza Tee

DBZ - Frieza Tee

Few characters have left their mark on the universes they inhabit as distinctly as Frieza has. The anime tormentor has wreaked so much havoc on Goku and his friends. Even after death, Frieza sees it fit to resurrect himself and create more chaos. Though he's not featured in Dragon Ball Super (yet), this tee will resurrect Frieza once more - this time to rage. 


There you have it! Liked our DBZ rave clothes? Show us how you rep Dragon Ball Z this festival season by tweeting at us @iEDMOfficial!



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