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5 Iconic Moments In EDM Festival History

5 Iconic Moments In EDM Festival History
| July 07, 2016

No need to crack open the history books- you're already part of history in the making!

Whether we feel it or not, all of these epic moments we witness or experience at festivals, or even the pure fact of being a part of this culture, make history. We've had those moments of sweet nostalgia at times where we we're like, "yooo, I remember when Swedish House Mafia had their very last show at Ultra," or "yooo, I remember when that girl made out with a tree at Ultra!" Truthfully, the list just goes on and on for these moments.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, iEDM Fam, as we reminisce on some of the most iconic (and pretty funny) moments in EDM festival history. One can only wait and see what the future holds for EDM culture and our favorite artists. 


1) Walter White Pushing the Button With Above & Beyond at EDC Las Vegas 2015

"Sayyyyy myyyy nameeee!" The crowd at EDCLV lost their minds when they heard this iconic sentence being spoken by Walter White of Breaking Bad himself. How you may ask? Well, Above & Beyond's favorite show is "Breaking Bad," and it's their favorite to the point where they made a track called 'Walter White' after the main character of the show. When they were about to play it at EDCLV, they decided to make that their notorious "push the button" track; so it seemed only fitting to bring out the actual Walter White himself to do this ritual. 

2) David Guetta Zoning Out And Having a Midlife Crisis At TomorrowWorld 

If you're ever having a bad day, please put this video on because it will never fail to make you cry from laughing so hard (I speak from experience). Did he see a ghost? Was he having a midlife crisis? Did he realize he left his stove on at home? The world will never know what was going on in this man's head at this moment. But one thing is for sure, that you will never see anyone look more perplexed, disinterested and basically just OVER life as David Guetta does in this video.

3) Anna Lunoe Becomes The First Woman Ever To Play The EDC Las Vegas Mainstage 


The gorgeous and talented Australia-native Anna Lunoe has been dominating the scene recently. Her infectious smile and funky tunes are being played on stages all over the world. She's a "bass drum dealer" and she most definitely "always delivers," which is why she was invited to play EDC Las Vegas this year and was honored with the title and privilege of being the first solo woman to EVER play the main stage of EDCLV. Luney makes history!

4) DJ Snake Posts Dillon Francis' Phone Number On the Ultra Main Stage

This one deserves a round of applause. It was just another casual day for Dilly, his pal DJ Snake bringing him up onto the Ultra main stage during his set so that they can jam out to Dillon's track 'Get Low.' DJ Snake and Dilly are dancing; the tens of thousands of people watching are dancing; everyone is thriving! Little did Dillon know that would probably be one of the most anxiety filled moments of his life- as his real phone number was displayed on the massive LED main stage screen for ALL of Ultra to see, write down, text, and god knows what else.

5) Deadmau5 Trolls Martin Garrix At Ultra 2014

Deadmau5 truly takes the cake in being the biggest troll on the internet and in real life, which certainly didn't stop him from taking his trolling talents to Ultra Miami back in 2014. 2014 was the year that 'Animals' by Martin Garrix blew up and was essentially the next Avicii 'Levels', so naturally, that meant Deadmau5 had to troll. Switching out the 'Animals' drop for our favorite nursery rhyme 'Old McDonald?' BRILLIANT.


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