5 Moments That Made TomorrowLand 2015 Legendary

| July 30, 2015

TomorrowLand has just come to a close and the EDM community is still buzzing about it.

With 14 stages occupied by the best DJ’s and producers in the music industry today and 200,000 attendees, the popular music festival was bound to be epic. However, after a slew of historical sets and acts of God the levels of epicness have reached all-time highs, and so upcoming festivals have big shoes to fill.

So, now that the dust has settled we can point out what set TomorrowLand apart from the other festivals we've gone to so far.

Let's list the 5 Moments That Made Tomorrowland 2015 Legendary...


5. The Best Closing Ceremony of All Time

Like a Quentin Tarantino film, let’s begin at the end by discussing the mind bending closing ceremony of TomorrowLand 2015.

You may have checked out our other festival reviews and highlights. If you did then you know that we here at iEDM have been a little underwhelmed by the lack of embracing of theme that took place at some of this summers’ festivals. Maybe the folks at TomorrowLand read it as well, because the festival’s conclusion was a fantastic celebration of the weekend of partying and pageantry that had come to pass.  

The Royal Court of TomorrowLand ascended to the stage for a truly immersive and beautiful presentation that opened up the hearts and imaginations of all of the attendees. Not to mention, it served as the perfect appetizer for the forthcoming TomorrowWorld. 


4. God Cried, We Raved

In the eleven years of TomorrowLand’s existence, only a few have had to combat the elements and deal with some rainfall. Never before, though, has it encountered so much rain. Although the downpours increased in intensity and frequency as the days passed - the audience and (most importantly) the DJ’s soldiered on. Big industry names like Tiesto refused to let the vibes drown and kept the audiences afloat, playing to crowds of hundreds of thousands standing in ankle high puddles.


3. A Master Pick-Pocket

On July 29th, 2015 as the vibes of TomorrowLand were entering the ethereal realm of the past, a Romanian man was arrested at a Dutch airport for having 37 illegally obtained cell phones meticulously wrapped in in tin foil and shoved into raincoats. After a short investigation, all of the mobile devices were linked to attendees of TomorrowLand.

So, yeah this might not be a super positive news story, but we can all rest easier tonight knowing that the one TomorrowLand ticket holder with negative intentions got caught!


2. Make Your Room TomorrowLand

Let’s face it: Festival-going can be expensive. Especially if you need to fly internationally to Belgium. It’s a luxury not everyone can afford, that’s for sure. That’s why the producers of TomorrowLand decided it fit to pass the vibes across the world wide web via live stream.

Sure, a live stream isn’t the most unique thing in the world. But TomorrowLand 2015 set the bar high for all future streams by presenting all three days of the festival in HD over four separate channels for your viewing pleasure. The film crew absolutely deserves a bonus paycheck and some serious kudos for upholding a great aesthetic despite the torrential downpours they had to endure.

Check out the full Martin Garrix set above for a taste of the high quality presentation.


1. Avicii Debuts Three Tracks In Whirlwind Set

Avicii wowed his drenched audience by traversing the EDM genre, spinning sounds from several subgenres with his expected superstar dexterity. Throughout the historical set,  Avicii used the mainstage to present yet-to-be-released tracks from his upcoming Stories album. Check out the set below. 

There you have it! iEDM’s 5 Moments that Made TomorrowLand 2015 Legendary. Have any moments of your own? Share them with us on Twitter @iEDMOfficial.

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