5 Standout Performances from HiJinx Festival

| January 03, 2019

HiJinx Festival has officially put Philadelphia on the map as one of the top EDM New Year’s destinations of the country. Thousands of locals and travelers spent the weekend at the Philadelphia Convention Center for 2 nights of remarkable music and experiences. The first-year festival is a prime example of how successful a multi-day event can be when it is ran efficiently and with respect towards fans. Entering the venue was a breeze as the experienced security simultaneously made everyone feel safe while keeping the lines running smoothly. The staff and volunteers created a welcoming environment with their enthusiasm and helpfulness throughout the 2 nights.

The aquatic creature inspired decorations and festival artwork brought it all together and created a distinct atmosphere for the event. However, the best part of it all was how amazing all the music and performances were! The artists clearly enjoyed themselves here and it showed with some of their most memorable sets of the year taking place at Hijinx. Read below to find out which 5 artists at the festival delivered the most standout and unforgettable performances!


1. Bassnectar 

Bassnectar closed out the first night with a heavy set filled with a solid mixture of his classic bangers and remixes of tracks he has been loving lately. He kicked things off by playing a "Whiplash" intro from his new Reflective Pt. 3 EP and kept the intensity going with remixes from Barely Alive and Yookie. The massive convention center hall was jam packed with bassheads from across the country and judging from their enthusiasm it as well worth the trip. Some of the wildest moments of the set were when he played "Every Time" and "Thursty." There were also dreamy and melodic parts that added balance such as his remix of Rusko’s "High" which effortlessly filled everyone in the room with pure joy.



2. Griz

Griz seems very rejuvenated and inspired lately and Hijinx attendees could certainly feel it from all the uplifting energy he poured into his performance. He has been extremely passionate about giving back with recent endeavors such as his ‘It Gets Better Campaign’ which was a fundraiser benefiting the LGBTQ community that he is proudly a part of. His set was filled with positive messages centering around self-acceptance and perseverance which are the core values of his music. At one point Griz even payed homage to Bassnectar who performed the previous day with a jaw-dropping remix of his collaboration with G Jones "Underground." He created an environment at the festival that encouraged everyone to spread love and comfort to others around them and it was beautiful to witness all the connections being made. His motivating messages paired with his unparalleled sound seamlessly made the giant crowd of thousands of fans feel like a tight-knit family which is what music is all about.



3. Odesza

Odesza wrapped up HiJinx with a mesmerizing and moving set that served as a perfect finale for the event. Emotions ran high across the entire room as they played their hit songs that are famous for their meaningful and euphoric nature. It seemed like there wasn’t a single soul in the venue that wasn’t singing along with huge smiles on their faces at some point during the show. The visuals and lasers during their performance were captivating and elevated all the wonderful feelings that came along with Odesza’s unique sound. Based on the lineup schedule, night 2 was designed to raise everyone’s spirits and end on a high note after a heavier first night and Odesza did that flawlessly. The festival will hold a special place in many attendees hearts thanks to this performance.



4. Ganja White Night

Ganja White Night’s distinctive wobbly style echoed across the room and dubstep fans loved every minute of it. The Belgium duo have taken EDM by storm in recent years with their addictive deep bass and stellar live shows. They played fan favorites such as their collaboration with Boogie T "Flava" and even teased an unreleased collaboration with Subtronics. They also played many tracks from their The Origins EP that they released in 2018 which served as a reflection of how far they have come musically this year. They have been a major part of the festival circuit this past year but every set is special in its own way. Judging from all the madness they brought to HIjinx Festival, Ganja White Night is not slowing down anytime soon and 2019 will be next level for them when it comes to every aspect of their careers.



5. Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic took the stage after RL Grime and switched up the vibe with their signature sound that is a blend of both instrumental and electronic influences. The fast paced and high energy set was filled with plenty of gems and the stunning saxophone solos that made them stand out in a night filled with mostly DJ’s performing without traditional instruments. Big Gigantic has been touring nonstop and bringing the heat all year long and they raise the bar with every time. This was arguably one of their greatest sets of the year – just ask any of the diehard fans in attendance covered head to toe in their merch having the time of their lives.  

HiJinx Festival was without a doubt a spectacular way to ring in the New Year with love and and amazing artistry. We cannot wait to see what this event has in store for the future!


Photos Courtesy of HiJinx Festival Facebook



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